Examine the wooden totem pole and note that the sound of the howling wind seems to be coming from it. Take the gauze blanket out of the utility bag on the snowmobile and use it to block the hole on the totem pole.
You find Igor Bourgoff wandering around in the snow on the opposite side of the train. Talk to him and when he realizes the wind (what he thought were evil spirits) has stopped howling, he leaves on the snowmobile. Put on the crampons he left behind and make your way up the slope.
When confronted by Ivan Bourgoff, call Oscar on your cell phone. Ivan will turn around when he hears the train's whistle and you can take the ivory knife from a nearby sled. Release the sled by cutting the rope attached to it.


The chief outside the hut tells you Hans is with the spirit woman and that some Youkols are trying to move the train. Explore the entire village very carefully as some of the hotspots and objects are not always easily visible. Also pay careful attention to the dialog with the characters as they provide a number of clues.
To help you find your way around I've provided a map of the village. Click the icon below to view the map.



Take the reindeer antlers from the pot outside the chief's hut. On the ground, opposite the Youkol stirring a pot, is a leather strap. The antlers and leather strap automatically combine and make a slingshot in your inventory.
You cannot dodge the drums and the only way through is to stop them beating. You need to find a way to stop the water mill that powers the drums. Note that one of the icicles above the water mill is partially cracked. Use the slingshot to break the icicle completely and it drops into the water mill and jams the mechanism.



The spirit woman tells you that the harfang bird is the guardian spirit of Youkol legends and that it is called with music. She also says you need to find the fruit of the spirit door (small red berries) to enable her to send you to join Hans in his dream, but they only grow on laughing trees, which have 'gone to the country of the ancestors'. Take the prayer wheel (on the table in the room through the curtain) and the Youkol mask hanging on the wall.


The two Youkols next to the track, just before you get to the train, were frightened by Oscar. Talk to Oscar and persuade him to wear the Youkol mask. Unless you try lift the hook and cable (on the track in front of the train) by yourself, the Youkols won't help. Now that Oscar has the 'face of good spirit' (as the spirit woman described the mask) the Youkols are no longer afraid and attach the hook to the front of the train. Tighten the cable using the winch on the hook. Now go to the train winder in the middle of the wooden bridge. Pull the lever on the right (in front of the winder) to wind the train to the end of the track inside the village.


Return to the spirit woman and after having discussed all the dialog topics with her, speak to her a further three times to hear Kate mention that 'the laughing tree can only be found where ancestors lie'.
The strange looking device at the water's edge is a well. There's an empty flask hanging on the well and a cork bung on the ground. Attach the empty flask to the hook, then turn the lever to lower the hook into the water and fill the flask. Turn the lever again to raise the hook out of the water. Take the full flask and cork bung.

Go to the youki pen and pick up the old fishbone lying on the floor.
Make your way to the cave and go down the left passage. The tree and mammoth, frozen in the ice, fit Kate's dialog about where to find a laughing tree. From Alexei's journal you know the tunnels in the ice were made by the lemming for protection from the harfang. Note that there's a bunch of berries from the frozen tree (fruit of the spirit door) inside the tunnels. You need to force the lemming to enter the hole on the bottom left, move through the tunnels, collect the berries and then exit from the hole on the bottom right.
If you hang the prayer wheel on the perch near the wall and then click it, the harfang flies onto the perch. When the lemming sees the harfang it runs into the hole on the right. To force the lemming into the left hole you must plug the hole on the right with the cork bung. Note that if you didn't plug the right hole before calling the harfang the lemming won't come out until the harfang leaves. If this happens, move the prayer wheel to the perch in the other (right) passage of the cave and call the harfang there. Then return to the ice wall and plug the hole before again calling the harfang.
There are a number of obstacles that the lemming must overcome to get through the tunnels. The first obstacle is a 'ravine' it cannot cross. Remove the cork bung and plug the hole in the 'ravine' to help the lemming. Next is the vertical tunnel which the lemming cannot climb. Move the cork bung to the hole at the bottom of the vertical tunnel, then pour water from the flask down the hole at the top to allow the lemming to float up. After it collects a few berries the lemming has one last obstacle to overcome. Drop the fishbone down the top right hole so that the lemming has a 'ladder' to climb up.

When you tell the spirit woman that you found the dream fruit she sends you into Hans' dream.


You 'arrive' in a cave just outside Valadilene where Hans had his accident. Pick up the mammoth doll and then head towards the town. Talk to Anna Voralberg, who tells you her father has locked Hans in the attic. She also says her father is presently at home, but otherwise is always at the factory.
From the first Syberia you know the entrance to the Voralberg Estate is in the wall on the right, near the end of town. Note that unless you spoke to Anna Voralberg the gate will be locked. At the fountain intersection inside the Estate take the path to the right to get to the house.
The only useful information you get from talking to Rodolphe Voralberg is that he's soon to return to the factory. Do you remember Hans' delirious ramblings in the Monastery?

'In Valadilene it is 7:15 PM - Father is always punctual
he never stays at home, he always goes to the factory'

Also, if you go back and talk to Anna Voralberg (after speaking to her father) she confirms what Hans said.
Examine the grandfather clock in the hallway and note that it appears to have stopped at 2:45. The first thing to do is get it working again. The chime indicator on the clock mechanism is set to 12:00. Using the two switches on either side synchronize the chime indicator with the clock to 2:45. The right switch advances the indicator in 30 minute increments and the left one in 15 minute increments. Flick the right switch until the indicator shows 2:30, then flick the left switch once to set the indicator to 2:45. You can now wind the clock by turning the two little automaton soldiers at the top and then push the pendulum to get the clock started.

You know Rodolphe Voralberg will leave for the factory at 7:15, so the clock must be manipulated accordingly. Set the chime indicator to 7:15 and then pull the right weight to speed up the clock. While the weight is still in the 'down' position click the gong between the automaton soldiers. Rodolphe Voralberg hears the chime, thinks it's 7:15 and leaves to go to the factory. Watch closely to see him put the key to the attic on the side table.
Take the attic key and use it to unlock the door at the top of the staircase. Hans won't talk to you until you give him the mammoth doll. He asks if you believe 'automatons are there to help us in our hour of need' and also if you can 'open his heart'. These are clues needed later to save him. Examine the table to wake from the dream.


Push the round wind chime hanging in the entrance to the spirit woman's home to repeat three dialogs recently heard. You hear Anna say her father goes to the factory at 7:15 and Hans' two comments about automatons.
Go to the train (now at the end of the track) and tell Oscar about 'opening his heart'. Oscar understands and he makes his way to the spirit woman. You'll find him at the spirit woman, lying on the bed beneath Hans.
The buttons on Oscar's heart resemble a clock face. By now you should be aware that Hans has an obsession with 7:15, so push the buttons that correspond to 7:15 to set the time on the clock face. If you played Syberia you'll recognise that part of Oscar's heart mechanism has the same 'cross' shape as other Voralberg keyholes. There are also two subtle clues in this game. In the 'Syberia Recap' a cross shaped keyhole was visible on the train winder and is also cut in the wooden disc hanging where the Youkol mask was. Simulate the cross shape by pushing the four buttons at the ends of the 'cross' and remove the Voralberg key.

Goodbye Oscar... Hello Hans...



Both the spirit woman and the chief tell you the journey is not yet over. Alexei's journal contains information on the ark built by the Youkols. Did you notice the frozen ark just beyond the house next to the chief? The end of the track is conveniently positioned so the train has stopped right next to the ark. Remember having to load the coal before leaving Romansburg? Perhaps the coal can be used to defrost the ark...
Go to the train and experiment with the controls. By manipulating the controls the train can be converted into a steam engine, which in turn, can be used to melt the ice around the ark. Click the icon below to view a detailed solution of how to manipulate the controls.



Make your way to the ark. The chief is waiting there to bid you farewell and tells you to take the youki with. Go to the youki pen and open the latch on the gate. You may have lost Oscar but your other pal is back!
Board the ark and set sail...