Talk to Hans Voralberg, who tells you to wind the train using the winder at the head of the platform. Explore the train before getting off. The layout should be familiar to those fortunate enough to have played Syberia, the only addition being the bathroom through a door to the left.
As you disembark Colonel Emeliov Goupatchev arrives at his general store. Watch closely when he greets you and note that he drops 'something'. Whatever it was isn't on the platform, so it obviously fell down below.
Head to the front of the train and speak to Oscar, the automaton train engineer and driver. To wind the train first turn the large wheel on the winder, then pull the lever on the left. Speak to Oscar again, who says that the coal car must be filled with coal before the journey can continue.


Go to the general store and speak to Colonel Emeliov about getting coal. He tells you about the coal dispenser on the platform. Take note that he's trying to fix 'something' on the counter.
Try the coal dispenser (by pulling the lever) to learn that it's not working properly.
After checking out the locked gate at the opposite end of the platform additional dialog topics are activated with Colonel Emeliov. Ask him about the gate to learn that it leads to the lower part of town and that he lost the key to the gate earlier. Do you remember him dropping something on the platform?
While in the store examine the counter on which Colonel Emeliov was fixing the candy machine when you first came in. Take the small key on the counter. You can telephone the candy machine manufacturers on your cell phone (their phone number 625-122 is on the machine) to learn about the candy flavours available. Examine the three candy machines near the store entrance. Unlock the drawer on the third machine (far right) with the small key and remove the coins. Insert the 5th coin (from the left) into the left machine and turn the lever to get the sugar candy (katalas). Use the 2nd coin (from the left) to get fish candy from the middle machine.
From the coal dispenser speak to Malka, the little girl below. She's got the key Colonel Emeliov dropped and is prepared to swap it for some katalas (sugar candy). Give her the sugar candy and get the gate key.
Unlock the gate and venture down to the lower part of town. Take note of the weird vehicle suspended under the rails next to the bottom gate. Speak to Malka who says the Bourgoff Brothers may be able to help you with the coal dispenser. There's a petrol driven generator under the coal dispenser but it needs fuel. Take the empty can from the wooden post next to the generator.
You find the Bourgoff Brothers on the outskirts of town. If you watched the opening scenes carefully you would have seen a hole in the wooden fence. Before trying to speak to the Bourgoff Brothers walk a little way past the gate and note the man pasting a poster over the hole.
Talk to Ivan Bourgoff through the grid in the gate. He won't be very helpful, so you must find another way to get into the property. Go back to where the man was pasting the poster over the hole. The poster is partially torn at top and can be easily removed. Release the youki locked inside the crate. Ivan Bourgoff chases after it and you can look around. Replace the empty can with the full jerry can on one of the barrels.
Pour the fuel from the jerry can into the generator and start the motor by pressing the red button. Return to the coal dispenser (it should now be working) and pull the lever to fill the coal car.
Oscar tells you that Hans is missing...


Hans is at Cirkos' bar trying to repair the mechanical horses. After Hans takes ill speak to Malka who tells you about the Patriarch at the Monastery. Talk to Cirkos to learn about the shrouds in the iron box along the way to the Monastery. Cirkos also tells you that Malka is responsible for the distribution of the shrouds. Talk to Malka again and get a token from her.
The Monastery is along the road past the wooden fence. The iron box containing the shrouds is just before the bridge. Insert the token and pull the lever to get a shroud. Note that you cannot cross the bridge because of the cold. You'll have to find something warm to wear.
Return to the train and lay the shroud on Hans' face to get an imprint. Ask Colonel Emeliov (in the store) about loaning warm clothes from him. After he lowers the ladder climb up and take the winter clothes. The only place to change into the winter clothes is in the bathroom on the train.
Suitably dressed, make your way to the Monastery. Try pulling the chain at the entrance - but the monk at the top won't let you in. Along the path to the right is a monk doing the washing. From talking to him you learn that women are not allowed into the Monastery and about his fascination with the Marula Alba bird, a white raven.
Once again go back to the general store and get a gold, silver and black birdcall from Colonel Emeliov. Give the silver birdcall (closest colour to a white Marula Alba) to the monk doing the washing. The Marula Alba responds to the birdcall and the monk runs off to find it. Take the monk's habit from the rocks. Disguised as a monk you can now gain access into the Monastery.


You find the Patriarch inside the chapel (the building off the first courtyard you get to). Talk to him, selecting all dialog topics until you eventually get to the 'shroud' topic. After discussing this topic he agrees to fetch Hans.
Talk to Hans in his room and he tells you about a monk named Alexei Toukianov, who knows Youkol medicine. Hans' delirious ramblings about his youth provide important information needed later in the game, so listen very carefully to what he says when you discuss the Monastery dialog topic:

'In Valadilene it is 7:15 PM - Father is always punctual
he never stays at home, he always goes to the factory'

Leave the room and talk to the monk (the same one that was doing the washing) who was eavesdropping at the door. He's obviously reluctant to speak out loud, but gives you a scroll and a stained-glass mammoth. Both the scroll and glass mammoth will be in the documents section of your inventory. The final paragraph on the scroll is a vital clue - 'the key is in the light of the mammoth's eye'. Pick up the brush on the ground in the courtyard.
Return to the chapel and talk to the Patriarch. Despite his conviction that Hans is about to die, it's obvious that he's a crackpot and you shouldn't give up hope. The Patriarch tells you that Alexei Toukianov is dead. Note the locked gate as you enter and that the reflection of the sun coming through the skylight is focused on one of the paintings. Examine this painting (the middle one, left of the aisle) and remove the top layer of paint on the book with the brush to reveal a pattern consisting of twelve dots surrounding a large cross. Both this painting and the one opposite it depict a man holding a candle and a book - clues to where the pattern must be reproduced.
Go to the library, the building next to the rooms where Hans is. Use the spiral walkway around the perimeter to go down to the bottom level. The twelve lights above and the cross on the floor form the same pattern as on the painting. The long pole (attached to the wall) is used to switch individual lights on and off. Duplicate the pattern (on the painting in the chapel) by switching on the lights that correspond with the solid dots.
The circular mosaic near the top of the library opens up revealing a window. Use the spiral walkway to get to it. The four flaps around the mosaic manipulate the light shining through it, almost like the lens of a camera. First look through the mosaic (you see the entire town of Romansburg) and put the stained-glass mammoth onto the window. Now experiment with the flaps to see what happens. Adjusting them in the correct sequence (bottom, left, top and then right) causes the light to shine on the mammoth's eye on a mosaic on the opposite wall.

Make your way to the mosaic on the opposite wall. Click on the mosaic to reveal Brother Alexei's hidden room. Inside the room you find his journal and a Youkol relic. Read the journal carefully - it contains a number of very useful clues. For the moment read the entry on the scarlet bramble, noting that it has healing powers and only grows on the tomb of one who is at peace.


Before going to the cemetery take the shears out the wheelbarrow near the Monastery entrance. Note that they wouldn't have been there if you looked when you first entered the Monanstery.
Inside the cemetery (which is next to the library) you find Alexei Toukianov's grave. Use the shears to cut away the bramble growing on the tomb, then pick up the herbs and bramble. Note the empty coffin and the gap in the wall. Kate's thoughts about using a sled will come in handy later.
The strange looking contraption at the Monastery entrance is a candle maker. First put the herbs and bramble in the pot, open the receptacle beneath the tap, insert a wick (from the fork-shaped holder) into the receptacle, close the receptacle, pull the chain on the left to stoke the fire and then open the tap so the wax pours into the receptacle and makes a herbal candle. Don't forget to take the box of matches lying on the contraption.
Put the Youkol relic (from Alexei's room) on the table in Hans' room. Next insert the herbal candle into the relic and light it using the box of matches. Hans' recovery is almost instantaneous!
The Patriarch will be at the Monastery entrance. Despite Hans' recovery, the Patriarch won't allow you to leave. Go to the chapel and take the ornate key from the alcove behind the curtain. Unlock the gate near the entrance to the chapel with the key and enter the bell room. Ring the bell (by pulling the rope) to summon all the monks (including the one working in the cemetery).
Push the empty coffin into position at the gap in the wall in the cemetery. Fetch Hans and take him with you to the cemetery. Sit back and enjoy your sleigh ride to freedom...


Hans is not ready to leave before finishing the repairs to Cirkos' mechanical horses. Take the mechanical heart to Cirkos' bar and put it onto the mechanism below the horses. You must first turn the large knob in the middle three times (to wind the mechanism) so the indicator at the top points to the extreme right. All four pipes (each leading to one of the horses) need to be plugged into the correct holes. The correct holes can be worked out by trial and error. Make a note of which horse each pipe leads to, then plug them into any of the three holes. Turn the large knob again to test which horses are working. If any horse remains stationery, try its pipe in a different hole. When all the pipes are connected correctly the mechanical horses will function properly.



Talk to Colonel Emeliov after the train is hijacked. He tells you to try the gangcar, the weird vehicle suspended below the platform. Pull the lever on the platform near the gate to flip the gangcar over onto the track. When the gangcar stops, note that the door of the large tread wheel cage on the rear opens.
Both Colonel Emeliov and Malka suggest that you use an animal in the tread wheel cage. Malka also tells you that the youki is at the Bourgoff Brothers' place.
From reading Brother Alexei's journal you learn that youkis (and bears) are partial to fish. Give the fish candy to the youki and make a friend for life. Note that if you gave the fish candy to Malka earlier, you need to get some more from the store. Use the small key to open the drawer below the middle candy machine to retrieve the coin that works with it and use it to get more fish candy.
Before returning to the gangcar take the newspaper on the table at the Bourgoff Brothers property. Read the newspaper to learn why the Brothers stole the train. There's also news about two characters from Syberia.
The youki jumps into the tread wheel cage, and off you go in pursuit of the train...