Disembark to investigate what caused the ark to run aground. Take the narwhal tusk on the ground next to the large skeleton. Continue along the water's edge to where the anchor is stuck in the ice. Loosen the anchor with the narwhal tusk. After seeing Ivan Bourgoff attempt to steal the ark, go to the farthest point where a section of the ice juts out into the water. From there look at the ark and you can see a door in the side and broken pieces of ice floating towards it. Slightly 'inland' there are two penguin eggs in the ice. Put the Russian doll next to the eggs and the penguins that were standing on the section of ice jutting out come to inspect it. Now return to the section of ice, break it off with the narwhal tusk and float to the door in the side of the ark.


Move the barrel that was blocking the door to the hold. Climb the ladder in the centre of the hold to get the ivory hook in the anchor room. Return to the mast room, but before hoisting the sail take a close look at the canvas drawings pinned to the wall. Next to each drawing is a sequence of 'dots'. Make a note of the sequence of dots next to the mammoth drawing on the right hand canvas.

Climb on the barrel, insert the ivory hook into the slot and then attach the noose of the rope to the hook. When you now pull the lever on the floor the sail is hoisted, sending Ivan Bourgoff flying...