The gate is found by going left of the ark, down the stairs and then to Kate's right. Along the way you find some Syberian flowers. From reading Alexei's journal you learn that the odour of these flowers is known to awaken a hibernating youki. Take a flower and hold it in front of the youki's nose to wake him. Pull the rope at the gate to lower the tread wheel cage and the youki does the rest...


To the right of the ark and up the ladder you find the body of the Youkol lookout. Pick up the Youkol medallion lying next to the crumbled body.
Through the gate you find a strange contraption above a circle of stones. There are five pieces missing from the circle. Three of the missing pieces are in the wooden crate that you find by going left of the ark, down the stairs and then to Kate's left. Another piece is on the ground where you found the Syberian flower and the last one is on the top left corner of the stone circle itself.
Note that the symbols on the stone plates appear on the inner ring of the Youkol medallion, while the symbols on the stone circle correspond with those on the outer ring of the medallion. You can therefore work out where each missing plate fits. Replace all the missing plates, then turn the large wheel on the side of the contraption.


Watch closely as the ivory key rises out of the centre and note the sand pouring over one stone. Also note that as the ivory key is removed the same stone slowly slides outward.



Hans tells you the ancient Youkols called the mammoths by playing a song on the flutes. Across the bridge on which Hans is sitting you find the flutes and another strange contraption with a wooden panel.
Open the wooden panel with the ivory key. The symbols above the wooden holes are the same as those on the outer ring of the Youkol medallion. Inserting the ivory key into a hole and turning the wheel on the side changes the direction of the horn speaker. The stone that slid outwards and over which the sand poured (at the circle of stones) is a clue as to the correct hole to use. Find that stone's symbol on the inner ring of the medallion, then look for the corresponding outer ring symbol above the wooden holes. Insert the ivory key into the second hole on the bottom row and turn the wheel - you should hear a humming sound after the horn speaker is positioned.
The six holes on the flute can each be set to open, halfway or closed. Remember the mammoth drawing on the canvas in the ark? The sequence of dots indicates the 'tune' to play to call the mammoths. Set the six holes to the same sequence as the dots and then pull either of the two levers on the right.


Sit back and enjoy the ending...