Puzz3D:  Neuschwanstein Bavarian Castle
A Complete Walkthrough by Ghostlady
May 22, 2004


This walkthrough is for exploration after the 3D puzzle has been completed.  It was created using the Platinum Key.  If you have not completed the puzzle at this level, I would suggest you download a save Here so that you will be able to explore all the rooms of the castle. You will need to collect all the sword pieces so that you can build your sword for completion of the game.  The rings are video clips that explain the story.  This is a complete walkthrough and it will show you where every ring and sword piece is located.

This is where the game begins

Turn all the way around and look under the tree.  There is a gold ring.

Turn back around and find your first sword pieces on the brick. Walk up the stairs half way.  Look down on the right.  There is a silver ring.

Proceed up the stairs and enter the Main Hall. Turn left and enter door to the bedroom.

Turn right until you see a washbasin.  Click on the washbasin to go there.  You will find your next sword pieces here. Turn left and walk to the stained glass windows.  A gold ring is on the windowsill.

Look up and slightly to the left.  High up on the wood carving, next to the stained glass windows are more sword pieces. Walk back over to the door where you came in and look down.  A gold ring.

Turn around and look up at the painting to the right of the bed.  This is the painting puzzle. Painting Puzzle:  Click on above image for solve.  This puzzle does not give you anything.  You can complete the game without doing it.

Walk back to the door by the stained glass window and go through it to the Tapestry room. Turn right and look on the table next to the candlestick.  You will find a blue ring. 

Go to the right and enter the alcove.  Turn slightly to the right and look at the bottom left of the tapestry for some sword pieces. Turn left to the couch.   The middle leg will give you more sword pieces.  NOTE:  There will be no sword pieces here if you are playing with the platinum key.

Move out of the alcove.  Turn left and go to the little orange room.  Turn all the way around to the wooden door in the corner and look at the top part of the tapestry to the left of the door.  A gold ring. Enter the corner door.  You are now in a Grotto.  Turn all the way around and face the rock where you came in.  Look down to find a gold ring.

Turn all the way around again and look for the sword pieces on the rock platform. Take one step in and then turn all the way around.  A gold ring.

Turn all the way around again and take another step in. Then turn to the left.  Another gold ring. Turn to the right.  Sword pieces embedded on the rock.

Exit Grotto to Tapestry room. Exit Tapestry room to Bedroom.

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