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Gabriel Knight 1: Sins of the Father Walkthrough

Gabriel Knight 1: Sins of the Father Walkthrough
By mbday630


This walkthrough assumes you have already played GK1 and know how to use the icons. This is just a basic outline of what sequences to do on what day to get that extra point. I still don't know what triggers the extra point, but, if you follow this, you should get the extra point. If anyone figures out what thing triggers it, please post on the forum.


Pick up magnifying glass.

Pick up tweezers

Read paper

Ask grace about messages and more messages until everything given

Open up cash register and take coupon

Read book on snakes and poem (two books)

No points given, but it might be important, read books on left too.

Go behind curtain to bedroom and get hair gel and flashlight

Go to Dixieland drug store and LOOK at sign on desk.

Ask man behind counter about voodoo murders and get cabrit sans cor.

Go to police department and desk guy about Moseley, crime scene and photographs. Open up photograph package and look.

Go to map and go to grandma's house. Go right up to attic. Get sketchbook and open.

Use clock, put the clock to dragon and change time to 3 o'clock. Use the key on the side and pick up picture and letter. Look at both things in inventory. Go downstairs to grandma, show her picture. Ask about Margaret Knight and Heinz Ritter. Ask about all the family and about schattenjager.

Go to cemetery. Pick up brick and use sketchbook on symbols on wall.

Go to park. Get mime to follow you to cop and use motorcycle when cop chases mime.

From map go to crime scene. Sketch the pattern. Pick up clay. Use magnifying glass on grass until you get the snake scale. Use tweezers on scale. Look at scale with magnifying glass in inventory.

Go to napoleon house. Ask about voodoo, bar patrons, Sam and Sam and voodoo.

Go to police station. Ask Mosley about pattern around bodies and other six patterns. Exclamation mark on Sgt. Franks and ask for file. Look at file. Put file back on her desk. Go back into Mosley's office and talk about photographs. Ask for a cop/author photograph. Then say to hold on while you check your hair. When you are out by the desk, pick up pictures and make a copy of them. Put file back on Frank's desk.

Go back to bookshop and ask Gracie to do research on Malia Gedde. END OF DAY



Read newspaper.

Go to voodoo shop and listen to madam Cazaunoux. Ask shop owner about her, but won't get any answer.

Go to voodoo museum. Ask about everything. Ask about historical voodoo x5 until point given. Ask about Marie Laveau x6. Ask about current voodoo x2 and get moonbeam's address.

Go to cemetery. Ask about Marie Laveau. Ask about other marked tombs.

Go to Jackson Square Park and watch painter lose his picture. Give coupon to hotdog salesman. Give hotdog to dancing child. Ask child to do you a favor and get picture. Give picture back to painter and give him BOTH pictures of the symbols you have. (The one from the crime scene and the copied symbols from Sgt. Frank's desk).

Go to church. Open door at the back and pick up priest collar and black priest robe.

Go to moonbeam residence. Show her the symbols that were on the tomb and have her translate. Ask about St. John's Eve. Ask about snakes. Ask about everything, ask about Grimwald her snake, and ask her to show you how she handles Grimwald. When you get the cursor back, put hand on snakeskin and take it. Use magnifying glass on snakeskin in inventory.

Go to police department. Watch man fixing thermostat. Use the thermostat and turn heat up to 90. Ask Mosely for coffee. While he is gone, pick up his badge from coat.

Go to Gedde estate. Ask to see Malia and say you have official business and show butler the badge. Ask Malia about everything and flirt with her last, and you will get kicked out.

Go to police station and give badge back to Mosely.

Go back to bookstore and ask Gracie to do research on Madam Cazaunoux. END OF DAY.



Read paper.

Look at phone book in inventory and see A. Cazaunoux. 555-1280. Go to bedroom and use phone and call her.

Talk to Gracie about messages and she gives you a phone number for Wolfgang.

Call the Cajun critters. 555-6170. Ask about madam Cazaunoux and tell them you are worried about dance lessons for Castro.

Call Uncle Wolfgang. 49-09-324-3333

Go to Park and get pattern from painter.

Go left and see the fortuneteller. Look at her and ask about snake and want to know more about snake. When she dances, put hand on her. Pick up scarf. In inventory put magnifying glass on scarf and look until you see that you have a snake scale on the scarf. Use tweezers on scarf and get green snake scale. Use magnifying glass on snake scale. Given scarf back to fortuneteller and watch scene.

Go to Tulane University. Show picture of murdered person to professor. Show him the pattern you got from painter. Ask about cabrit sans cor and find out what it means. Then ask him about everything.

Go to grandma's house and ask about Wolfgang Ritter.

Go to voodoo shop. Ask about animal masks and Willie Jr. You need 100 dollars.

Go to madam Cazaunoux house. Put on hair gel and black priest outfit. Use door and get in telling her you are the priest to see her. First talk about cabrit sans cor to her and tell her that it means goat without horns. Ask about human sacrifice, real voodoo queens and then voodoo hounfour. While the snake is in the side picture, use the clay on the snake to get an impression of it.

Go to bookstore and drink coffee. The guy comes in and wants to buy the picture. Ask him how much he would give you for it, tell grace to stay out of it and let him buy it.

Go back to Dixieland drug store and give him the 100 dollars and get some lucky gambling oil and the alligator mask.

Go to police department and watch Crash. Ask Mosely about case status.

Go to Napoleon House and give gambling oil to Sam. Powerful voodoo oil, nun get lucky, Markus wins every time. After Sam wins, give him the clay snake impression

Go to Jackson Square Park. See fortune teller and put exclamation on her and hear what she says.

Go to cemetery and back to Gedde tomb and watch cut scene with Malia. END OF DAY



Read paper. See man outside window.

Ask Grace about research of a pattern that you have.

Go to Jackson square overlook and use left binoculars and see crash.

Go to police department and ask Mosely about case status and to reopen the case.

Go to napoleon house and get bracelet.

Go to church and see crash in there. Show him the bracelet first and ask about drummer first. Ask him about everything except the hounfour, ask that last. Put eyes on Crash and then lift up shirt and make a copy of the tattoo with your sketchbook. END OF DAY



Read paper. Ask grace to do research on rada drums.

In inventory, open up gray book and read it and also open up letter and read it and look at newspaper clipping.

Go to Tulane University. Pick up paper on desk.

Go to museum and be quick…. USE the switch on wall to get rid of snake. Go back to bookstore and Grace will take off a snake scale. Pick it up from the ashtray with tweezers. Look at snake scale in inventory with magnifying glass and he puts them together. Look at twin snake scales with magnifying glass.

Go to Police department and give Mosely the snake scales, give him the pattern that painter did and the pattern that you picked up from desk at Tulane university. Give him the newspaper clipping. END OF DAY



Watch cut scene and pick up letter that comes through door. Open envelope and open letter in inventory and look at key. Look at rada drum book in inventory.

Read paper.

Go to cemetery. See second voodoo message and copy it. Combine the two messages.

Go to Jackson Square Park and put rada drum book on drummer. Translate it to say call conclave, tonight, swamp. Talk to beignet guy until you finally tell him that he should go back to Royal and Conti. Put the key to Mosley's office in the inventory window so you can use it fast.

Go to police department and the beignet guy comes back there. After the desk sergeant comes back ask the sergeant where Mosely is and when he starts nodding his head, quick use the key on the door and go in the office. I found out that if I get caught the first time by the desk sergeant, I had to ask him again where Mosely was and then wait for him to nod off. In Mosley's office, open desk drawer and get tracker.

Go to voodoo museum and put one of the trackers in the sekey madoule.

Go to cemetery and after the yard man leaves and write message on tomb using red brick Write DJ BRING SEKEY MADOULE making sure you use as many letters from the first page as you can. The U is from the word “BUT” and the M is from the last letter on the first page from the word “harm.” Don't use the S from the second sheet for anything.

Go to book store and get Gracie to paint the snake tattoo on you, say costume party and she is jealous. Go to swamp (bayou) and use the tracker and keep following the bleep spot until you get to the conclave. Put the alligator head on and when dr. John asks questions say damballah and ogoun badagris. END OF DAY



After cut scene call Wolfgang. Talk about Tetalo, talisman, tetelo's remains, African homeland, well, ask him everything.

Read paper

Go to cemetery. Go into gedde's tomb and use flashlight on middle drawer and open middle drawer and see Mosely in drawer. After you wake up use flashlight again on drawer, open it, and get wallet. Leave tomb, open wallet in inventory and look at card.

Go back to bookstore and call the travel agency 585-1130 and use Mosley's American repressed card to get to Germany.

In Germany, go to the right and look at the panels. Go out and ask Gerde what the chapel panels means and then the initiation ceremony. You can ask her other things too, like her relationship with Wolfgang etc. Take dagger from wall.

Take saltshaker under Gerde.

Go up to room and take knife, bowl, scissors, and scroll. Open window and use the snow in the window.

Use scissors on Gabriel to cut his hair.

Look at the portal above the library doors.

Go downstairs and ask Gerde about portal poem. Go to the right and put the bowl (chamber pot) on the altar. Put salt in bowl. Use dagger and cut Gabriel. Kneel (USE) on the alter and put the scroll on Gabriel. Watch cut scene.



Pick up key at end of bed and use the key to get into library.

Look at all the books on both sides of the library. In the middle shelf on right see the People's Republic of Benin. Pick it up. It tells you to look at the book called The Primal Ones. Find that on the right side of library, very right shelf. Pick it up and read it. It tells you to look up Ancient Roots of Africa. You can find that on the left hand side of library, pick it up and read it. It tells you to find Sun Worshippers. That is on the right hand side of library, the left shelf on the top. That book tells you to look up Ancient Digs of Africa. That is on right side of library, the far right shelf on the bottom. That tells you about the double snake ring.

Go downstairs and show Gerde the key and the book. Tell her that is where Wolfgang went and use the American repressed card to pay for it. END OF DAY



Go around the whole maze and pick up every tile that you can and also pick up the blue rod. There are 12 different rooms, so after you see the tile that is stuck with 12 worms on it, the next room up would be #1. Put the tile with only 1 worm on it and keep on putting the tiles in order. After that is done, go to room #3. Put the blue rod in your window of inventory and SAVE YOUR GAME. Put the blue rod into the tile. After you get your movement back, wait a couple of seconds and then run upwards to the room with the vines hanging down and USE the vines to swing. After seeing Wolfgang, use the blue rod in the tile behind you. Keep looking at the round altar table until Wolfgang reads the picture. Use hand on the two rods on the wall and put them on the round altar. Use the two rods to try and open it. Wolfgang tells you to get a heart from the dead guy. Use your knife on the dead guy and see Wolfgang take his own heart out. Watch cut scene.

Go to bookshop. Read paper. Read letter on desk. Talk to Mosely about grace, about making a plan, fill him in and have him fill you in.

Go to church and put the blue rod in the knothole in the wall of the confessional. Put blue rod under the bench. Put tracker under the bench. If you have 303 points here, you will get the extra point at the end of the game.


Use the door and go up to door with a T and 2 dots. Pick up the two costumes. Go up to the room with two T's and see the animals. Go up to the room with just two dots. That is Dr. John's room. Turn around right away and leave. Go up to the room with four dots and pick up black book from desk. Take any passage to the right and use the drums. Use both books, the first one to say “summon” and the next book to say “ brother eagle” take the passage to the right and go to dr. John's room and pick up key from wall. Use key to open up door with one dot and pick up all the money you can. Go down to room with two T's and one dot and see dead man on table. Go down to room with One T and three dots and see Gracie. Put talisman on Grace. Give boar costume to Mosley. Put wolf costume on Gabriel.

When you are in the middle of the ceremony, put talisman on Malia. Throw talisman to Mosley. Put hand on the statue inside the round alter. Put hand on Malia to try to save her. Watch end scene and you should have the extra point. 343 instead of the usual 342.


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