Thin Ring - in the bowl on top of the dresser
CD Case - top left drawer
Memorandum - top right drawer
Cassette Tape - under the dresser


Gold Key - under the pillow
Metal Stick - between mattress and headboard (lift pillow, click between mattress and headboard)
Battery - at the foot of the bed (face the red wall, click purple floor in the bottom left corner) 


Silver Key - open curtain, on the window frame
Thick Ring - open and close curtains two or three times, falls onto the floor


Power Cord - unlock bottom left drawer with the gold key
Small Box - unlock bottom right drawer with silver key


Attach power cord to CD Player
Press power switch (grey button on the left)
Open CD tray (long grey panel)
Third Key - inside CD tray


Insert the two rings into the round holes
Insert the metal stick in the long slot
Open the box and insert the second battery
Insert the cassette tape
Press lamp to play


Place cursor on the + when it appears under the dancing man's right arm (near the end of the movie)
Click the red wall on the spot where the + appeared


The combination to the safe is found at the URL shown on the memorandum
NOTE: The URL no longer works, so use This Link instead
Set the combination to 1994
Unlock the safe with the third key
Remove the screwdriver


Click the door for a close up view
Use the screwdriver to remove the door knob

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