Nico returns to the village. Take note of Titipoco's gun lighter, it has relevance later. The Coyote Stone is on the floor of one of the burnt down huts, but it's too hot to pick up. You also won't be able to push the barrel of water over as it's too heavy. After you've tried picking up the Stone and pushing the barrel, the 'Barrel' dialog topic will be activated with Titipoco. Ask him to help you push the barrel to pour water on the Stone. Once you've cooled the Coyote Stone with the water you can pick it up.


Examine the gantry. Pick up the rope lying on the ground, then ask Titipoco to climb up and loop the rope over the top of the scaffolding. Make a pulley system by tying the rope to the engine. Remove the cylinder from the generator. Cut the fuel line on the generator with your obsidian dagger and then hold the the cylinder under the fuel line to fill it with fuel. Pour the fuel (from the cylinder) into the fuel cap on the engine.
Switch the engine on by pressing the red button. First test the elevator by pulling the lever down - this activates the 'Lever' dialog topic with Titipoco. Talk to Titipoco about the lever and tell him to copy what you do. Get into the elevator and then talk to Titipoco and he'll pull the lever to send the elevator up to the top of the pyramid.
For the moment all that you can do at the top of the pyramid is to take the ammunition belt. Use the elevator to go down again.
Go to the front of the pyramid and talk to the guard. After talking to him you can take the torch. Remember the gun lighter Titipoco had? While holding the torch ask Titipoco to light it. Use the torch to set alight the fuel that dripped out of the generator's fuel line, then toss the ammunition belt into the fire.
At the top of the pyramid talk to General Grasiento to disarm him. Once again, use your trusty obsidian dagger to cut George free.
Thre are two levers on the door leading into the pyramid. First try pulling both levers to activate the 'Lever' dialog topic with George, then ask him to help you with the levers.


Study the symbols on the discs, the bank of tiles in the centre wall and the tiles under the giant monkey. Each symbol on a 'monkey' tile is made up of two 'wall' tile symbols. Similarly, the symbol on each 'wall' tile consists of two symbols - one from each of the discs. To reveal the hidden entrance all four of the 'monkey' tiles must be pushed inwards. In order to be pushed inwards a tile must first be activated. The 'monkey' tiles are activated by pushing inwards both 'wall' tiles whose symbols make up the symbol on that particular 'monkey' tile. Similarly, each 'wall' tile needs to be activated before it can be pushed inwards. This is done by turning both discs so that the two relevant symbols are aligned in the centre.
The tiles and discs puzzle
There's an alternate method to reveal the hidden entrance, which is actually an Easter Eggs in the game. Refer to the Easter Egg section of the walkthrough for details.


Take the torch hanging on the wall. Once again Titipoco's gun lighter proves useful if you ask him about lighting the torch. Now pull the lever on the wall (it's only visible when the torch is lit) to get to the next location.


To reveal the hidden door, the other doors in all three rooms must be opened/closed in a specific sequence (by pulling the levers). The sequence is actually quite simple - all you do is go through each room, closing the door you are not exiting through before leaving a room. Begin by pulling the lever (there's only one) in the first room to close the top right door, then exit through the door to the left. In the second room there are levers either side of the left door. Pull the right lever to open the top left door and the left lever to close the door to the right. Leave through the top left door. There are two levers in the passageway. Pull the bottom left one to close the top right door and re-enter the first room through the bottom left door. If you've followed the sequence correctly, a hidden door (to the right) should now be open.
Use your old torch to light the new one on the wall. Take the new torch and exit through the hidden door.


Climb down the stairs. Pull the lever on the wall to reveal another lot of stairs that lead to 'Certain Death'. Climb down these stairs, then sit back and enjoy the ending...