Your adventure begins with you tied to a chair inside Professor Oubier's house. Examine the bookcase to your right and you notice that one of the original legs has been replaced by a loose block of wood. Kick the block of wood to dislodge the bookcase. It topples over and kills the poisonous spider. On the wall behind where the bookcase was is a metal bracket with a jagged edge. Use the bracket to cut the rope tied round your wrists.

The writing bureau has a sliding top and a drawer. There's a bottle of Tequila inside the sliding top of the writing bureau. Take a swig of Tequila and spit out a worm. Although it's not essential to completing the game, pick up the worm (you find it on the carpet). Open the drawer in the writing bureau and take the pot. Pick up Nico's bag and remove the lipstick, a hand-written note from André Lobineau and a pair of nylon panties. You also need to pick up the dart used to knock Nico out.
Use the dart to pick the lock on the cabinet next to the flames. Wrap the panties round the cylinder inside the cabinet (it's too hot to touch directly) and remove it. Note that you must remove the full cylinder - not the burst one. Insert the cylinder into the siphon on top of the cabinet to make an extinguisher. Now use the extinguisher to douse the flames. Exit Professor Oubier's Library through the door and go down the stairs.
On the table next to the front door is a telephone and a newscutting folded in two. The newscutting refers to an eclipse of the sun which will best be visible in Mexico. Read the note from Lobineau and you find his telephone number on it. Use the telephone (after having read the note) to phone Lobineau and arrange to meet him at the Café. Examine the pot (in your inventory) and you'll find a key inside it. Unlock the front door with the key, then open the door and go to the Café.


While waiting for the waiter watch the man at the next table. He continuously pours the contents of a flask into his wine glass. Examine or try taking the flask (you can't just yet) to activate the 'Flask' topic when you talk to the waiter. The first time you talk to the waiter he ignores you. When he returns try again. He brings you a cup of coffee and now has a conversation with you. He tells you the gendarme has left the police force and that the flask contains absinthe.
André Lobineau arrives after your conversation with the waiter. André shows you the stone that Nico wanted to discuss with Professor Oubier. Ask André about the small decorated pot and he tells you that a friend of his at the Glease Gallery may be able to help. This triggers the Glease Gallery as a location you can go to.
Talk to the gendarme about leaving the police force. After you ask if he misses being a gendarme he buries his head in his hands. While he's not looking you can take the flask.



Glease, the gallery owner, won't let you into the rear of the gallery. From talking to Glease you learn that many of the artefacts were supplied by Professor Oubier. Talk to Laine and he complains about the wine. Maybe a bit of the gendarme's absinthe would improve the taste! If you watch carefully you'll notice that every now and then Laine holds up the wine glass. Pour some absinthe from the flask into his wine glass. If you give him a second helping he keels over. Glease will rush over to assess the damage.

Don't worry about Laine smashing the pot as you don't need it to complete the game.
While Glease is pre-occupied with Laine you can get to the packing case at rear of the gallery. There's nothing inside the packing case but you'll find part of a label pasted on it. If you've not yet examined the newscutting (in your inventory) then do so now. You find Professor Oubier's bank statement in the folded newscutting. If you've found the bank statement and discussed Professor Oubier and the artefacts with Glease, you go to Marseilles automatically. If not, talk to Glease again to trigger going to Marseilles.

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