The dog won't allow you to climb over the fence. If you try climbing over, you'll see the watchman pacify the dog by feeding him a biscuit. Look through the window of the hut and you see the watchman unbolting the trapdoor and throwing out an empty beer bottle. Also take note of the coal stove and box of dog biscuits inside the hut.
Go down the stairs to get to the pier below the hut. Take the hook out the water and use it to get the bottle that the watchman threw out. Note that the platform between the road inside the docks and the hut can be lowered and raised by using the hook. You can get into the hut through the trapdoor but you must first find a way to get the watchman to leave.
Did you notice the smoke from the watchman's coal stove coming out of the chimney on the hut? The chimney is too hot for you to remove the metal cone. Examine the bottle (in your inventory) and you note that it's half full of water. Pour the water (from the bottle) on the chimney and then remove the metal cone. Note that you must have tried taking the metal cone (while the chimney was hot) before you'll be able to pour water on it. Block the chimney by putting the bottle in it. The hut fills with smoke and the watchman has to get out.
Enter the hut through the trapdoor below. Take the box of dog biscuits and a piece of coal. Note that you won't need the piece of coal other than for one of the Easter Eggs.
Throw a dog biscuit onto the platform (while it's raised). When the dog goes to eat the biscuit (on the platform) use the hook to lower the platform. While the dog is swimming you can climb over the fence undisturbed.


Climb up the ladder on the side wall of the warehouse. Look through the left window (next to the ventilation fan). You jam the fan by inserting the hook into it then return to the door and knock. When the Indian opens the grill select any dialog topic except the 'pizza' to annoy him and get him to open the door. Note that if you select the 'pizza' topic you have to knock on the door and talk to the Indian three times before he opens. While the Indian is opening the door you need to climb up the ladder onto the roof before he comes out. Now attach the clamp to a barrel (while the Indian is outside). The pulley system drops the barrel into the river. When the Indian walks over to where the barrel was dropped in the river attach the clamp to another barrel - knocking him into the river. You can now enter the warehouse.
Inside the drawer of the desk you'll find a small brass key. The little Indian won't let you pass. When you talk to him about the brass key he crawls over and you notice that he's been manacled. Unlock the manacles with the brass key to set him free. Press the button on the wall next to the elevator and go up to the top floor. Note that you now have the manacles in your inventory.
Before you can get out the elevator you must move the right-hand crate in front of the photo electric cell to stop the elevator door from closing. There's a light switch on the wall next to the elevator. After switching on the light you're able to see scratch marks on the floor. After examining the scratch marks a secret door will be visible in the wall. Open the door and enter the room where Nico is being held captive.

Untie the rope around Nico's wrists. Note that the rope will be in your inventory. Pick up the small stone statue and the masking tape Nico dropped on the floor.
As you can't use the elevator you need to find another way to get out the warehouse. Did you notice the pulley above that runs from where the large statue is to the bolted door? The statue needs to be raised before you can attach it to the pulley with the rope - but the large crate on the left prevents you operating the pallet carrier. Put the masking tape over the photo electric cell and replace the crate you used previously. You can now move the top crate and the one on the left out the way. Raise the statue using the pallet carrier and then attach the rope to the statue and the pulley. Lastly, you need to lower the statue by again using the pallet carrier. Try pushing the statue toward the door to activate the 'Statue' dialog topic when you next talk to Nico. Ask Nico to help you push the statue by selecting the 'Statue' topic.
Go out onto the loading platform. Hook the manacles over the cable that runs across the dockside to allow you and Nico to escape.
En route to Quaramonte City you stop at the Glease Gallery where Andrι gives you the black Obsidian stone.