Examine the cabinet at the extreme left to find out about the 'scrying mirror'. Talk to the attendant selecting the El Draco, scrying mirror and Jaguar Stone dialog topics. He should then introduce you to Professor Oubier.
When the attendant returns (and Oubier leaves) continue discussing the Jaguar Stone and the attendant offers to show it you. After the theft is discovered remove the key from the cabinet. Again talk to the attendant asking about the ship (to find out where Oubier went to) and the key (to make him rush off and phone the police).
Use the key to unlock the middle cabinet (closest to the entrance) and take the obsidian dagger. Pull open the curtain and then use the dagger to jimmy the lock on the door.
At this point the game switches to George at the KETCH MUSEUM


Study the vending machine closely and note that it has three slots - coin slot, vending slot and coin return slot. If you examine the coin slot you'll see something protruding from it. Open your bag (in your inventory) to get the hairclip. Use the hairclip on the protruding object (in the coin slot) and the jammed penny will drop into the coin reject slot. Remove the penny from the coin reject slot.
Insert the penny into the weighing machine to get a card. Using the obsidian dagger you can partially open the cupboard on the extreme right. Now insert the card into the crack in the cupboard to open it fully. Press the red button inside the cupboard to stop the subway train.
At this point the game switches to George on ZOMBIE ISLAND


In order to get onto the boat you must first hide behind the nearer crate. To do this, and to get on the boat, you need to wait until the guard has gone around the side. When on the boat, immediately climb up the ladder onto the roof. Wait for the guard to again go round the side, then open the cupboard door and get back onto the roof. As soon as the guard enters the cupboard, close the cupboard door and then jam it by inserting the mop in the handle. Look through the left hand porthole and eavesdrop on Oubier and Karzac.
Once you're inside the cabin you must first 'talk' to Oubier to ensure he's actually dead. After this you'll be able to take the Jaguar Stone. When attacked by Karzac, use the obsidian dagger (from your inventory) to stab him in the leg.
At this point the game switches to George on ZOMBIE ISLAND