Remove the vine rope from the washing machine.
Note that the movement of the pump causes the leaves to rustle. Put either the bank statement or newscutting on the leaves then grind the small stone statue on the water wheel. The sparks from the small statue ignite the bank statement / newscutting and the smoke rises into the tree house. Speak to Father Hubert about Nico and the root to get him to give you his collar.
Use the vine rope to connect the two stones on the press. Place the collar in the press, then pick up the cross and use it to apply leverage to the press. Pick up the collar, then give it to father Hubert by talking to him about it. Ask Father Hubert about the root and he'll agree to take you to the village.


Speak to the guard (nearest to you) about Nico, Father Hubert and the Shaman. Select the biscuit dialog topic as a gift for the Shaman. When the guard asks for more biscuits, put the black stone into the biscuit box (done in your inventory) and then again give the box to the guard.

Merely talking to the Shaman about Nico, the root and the various stones is sufficient to progress in the game. However, you should discuss all the dialog topics to get the full storyline.


You need to get the root (antidote) into liquid form before giving it to Nico. Put the metal cone under the press, insert the root into the press and (again using the cross to apply leverage) squeeze the root into a liquid. Climb up the ladder and give the antidote to Nico.