First talk to the little boy (Rio) at the end of the pier. This activates the 'Rio' dialog topic with the Ketch Sisters.
Climb the steps and talk to the Ketch Sisters about Rio. Before discussing Emily with them, you should try to open the door to the house. The Ketch Sisters tell you about the museum and the refurbishments being done by Bronson, the surveyor. Speak to the sisters again, selecting the Emily and then the cat dialog topics. They leave to go look for Emily. This also triggers the 'Fish' dialog topic with Rio.
If you look at the left flagpole you see that it has some sort of 'technical gadget' on the end of it, i.e. the marker Bronson uses with his theodolite. Also note the 'U-shape' of the branch on the tree.
Return to Rio and ask him to catch a fish for you. He'll want something in return, and there are only three items he'll accept. If you picked up the worm (right in the very beginning) it's the only item he wants. If you don't have the worm he'll take the lipstick instead. If you gave the lipstick to the Shaman then he'll accept the panties.
You have to leave the pier, then return and talk to Rio (twice) before the 'Fish' dialog topic is again activated. At first Rio reels in an old bicycle and you have to ask him to try again. Examine the bicycle and remove the inner tube. If you ask Rio about the inner tube he gives you a clue about using it as a catapult.
Go back up the steps to the museum entrance. Extend the ladder and climb up to the right flagpole. Attach the inner tube to the flagpole, then climb down and attach the fish to the other end of the inner tube. Note that if you give the fish to the cat instead, you can always get another one from Rio. While the cat tries to get the fish you can pick up the red ball. Climb the ladder to retrieve the inner tube and then attach it to the tree, making a catapult. Put the red ball into the catapult (inner tube) and fire away!
When Bronson gets onto the flagpole, remove the ladder to leave him stranded. Pick up the marker he dropped and go to his tent. With him out the way you can now take the plans and his theodolite. Return to the museum entrance and show the plans to the Ketch Sisters.
At this point the game switches to Nico at the BRITISH MUSEUM


Read the ship's log and note the last entry "tis easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle". Look at the portrait of Captain Ketch and note the cross he's wearing around his neck. This activates the 'Cross' dialog topic with Emily. Take the chart and place it in the recess on the desk. Take the lantern and fit it in the ink well on the desk. Remove the quill from the pen holder - note the shadow cast on the chart as you remove the quill.
Open the sea chest to free Emily. When you ask her about the cross around her neck she wants something in return for giving it to you. Finding something to swop with her is probably the most difficult puzzle in the game. Did you try play with, or talk to the cat? If so, you would have noticed it's sharp claws. Have you got something that the cat may want? What about giving the quill to the cat!
The cat rips the quill into shreds. Pick up the feather shreds (not clearly visible) and then go to Rio. Talk to him about Emily, his sister, tiger fish and the shredded feather to get a conch for Emily.

Return to the museum and talk to Emily about the conch. When she gives you the cross, insert it into the pen holder on the desk. The shadow formed on the chart falls exactly on Zombie Island.
Go back to Rio and talk to him about the pirate treasure to get him to take you to Zombie Island.


After you disembark, examine Rio's boat and try to climb the rock outcrop. This activates the 'Net' dialog topic with Rio. Ask Rio for his fishing net, then use it to climb the rock outcrop.
At this point the game switches to Nico in the UNDERGROUND STATION
The maze on Zombie Island consists of three locations, each with six exit points. The tricky part is that access to certain of these exits depends on where you enter and which location you came from. Detailed solutions are provided for puzzles that involve the maze.
How to get past the wild boar
After getting past the wild boar continue through the top or right exit to find the rock needle. The top of the rock is the "eye of the needle" mentioned in the ship's log in the Ketch Museum. Remove the creeper from the rock. Clip the marker onto the fishing net (in your inventory) then attach the net (and the marker) to the creeper. Now take the creeper, marker and net assembly and place it on the rock needle. With the marker in place you need to go to the highest point on the island (the plateau) from where you'll be able to view it with the theodolite.
Where to find the plateau
When you get to the plateau insert the theodolite into the holes next to Frederick Ketch's initials. Look through the theodolite and pan to the right until the marker is visible. Examine the marker and the tall pillar (the one in line with the marker) to activate a new 'Exit' to the right. Leave the plateau via the new exit.

At this point the game switches to Nico at the DOCKSIDE


After you've spoken to Haiku McEwan filming starts. When McEwan is replaced by Bert Savage (the stuntman) examine the bush to find the hornets' nest. Take a pancake, bun and syrup from the food table. Pour the syrup on the pancake (in your inventory). Talk to Savage and give him the pancake. Note that some of the syrup drips down Savage's chin. Throw the bun into the bush noting the hornets' reaction. Fetch another bun from the table and also throw it into the bush. The hornets, attracted by the syrup, will attack Savage.
When you get to the beach talk to Hawks about the pillar. Examine the handheld camera and the 'Cameraman' dialog topic will be activated with Hawks. Talk to him again, selecting the 'Cameraman' topic, and he'll agree to go ahead with the stunt.
You climb the pillar, enter the cave and get the Eagle Stone.