01) Note that crates can be pushed or pulled - depending on where they must be moved to
02) When pulling a crate there must be at least two 'crate spaces' behind you
03) When pulling a crate that's on top of another one there must another crates behind you
04) A crate that's on top of another one can be pushed onto an adjacent crate
05) If you cannot walk to a position to get to a crate, climb over it
06) Crates can only be moved on the level they are - they cannot be lowered or raised


When you need to manipulate George (or Nico) in various directions, while pressing the <SHIFT> key, I always held the <SHIFT> key with my left hand and pressed the direction keys with three fingers of my right hand.

If you'd prefer to use both hands to manipulate the direction keys, but also need to keep the <SHIFT> pressed, this can be done with XP's StickyKeys function. StickyKeys is used to keep <SHIFT> permanently locked.


01) Go to Control Panel, Accessibility Options
02) Select the Keyboard Options tab and tick the box for 'StickyKeys'
03) Check the settings - all items must be ticked
04) Press 'Apply' and there should now be an icon in the right corner of the taskbar
05) In the game you now only press <SHIFT> once and it remains locked
06) To unlock the <SHIFT> key press it 3 times
StickyKeys can also be activated while playing the game. Simply press  the <SHIFT> key 5 times in succession. The game will pause and the Accessibility Options Menu appears.


Saved game positions after the more difficult timed sequences are available. Click the relevant DISC (below) to send an email request for the saved game position you want.
If you're not sure how to use a saved game file, take a visit to The Library at the Mystery Manor Adventure site. There's a great article on what to do. While you're there check out the rest of the site - one of the best around!

Directly after Nico avoids the red sports car outside Vernon's apartment
After George and Nico elude Petra in the Crystal Cavern (Theatre)
After George and Nico elude Petra in the Congo's power site
Note that you will miss the cut scene in Nico's apartment
After George avoids the castle guards
Note that the saved game position is after opening the gate to let Nico in
After locking the kitchen guard in the guard room (Montfaucon)
After George avoids the guards in the Church and has read the bible in the pulpit (Montfaucon)