Nancy Drew:  Danger By Design 
by Casesolver
November 28, 2006



The graphics in this game are top-notch.  Probably the best yet.  You will feel like you are truly in the City of Lights!  Visit a park, modeled after a real one in Paris!  Order food at a cafe, explore an old windmill, a dark room, photography studio, model's home, and more!  You can make cookies and parfaits, develop photos, buy things from vendors, explore secret passageways, go skin-diving deep in the catacombs, make tea, design your own fashions, take pictures, and so much more!  The graphics in this game are one of the best things about it.  In Danger by Design, Paris comes alive! 

The characters in this game weren't outstanding.  One of them had almost no purpose.  You would expect the characters to play equal parts, yet one character barely ties into the story.  However, most of the other characters are nicely done, but they aren't anything too special. 


The plot could have used a little brushing up on.  It was hard to understand, and it was not the most captivating storyline ever to appear in a Nancy Drew game.  The more and more you got into the game, the more fun you had, yet the storyline wasn't woven into the game.  I felt like I was wandering around, simply playing the game. But what about the history part of it?  The part that makes the mystery that you are now trying to solve possible? It's just not there, and it certainly doesn't come up to par with games like CUR or SSR in terms of plot. 

What's New? 

You can ride the metro in this game.  This was also possible in Secret of the Scarlet Hand, but it's much different here.  You can talk to a character from a previous game on the phone.  You also can use Euros to buy things from vendors in a park.  The major addition to this game is that you get to Nancy's house back in River Heights!!  The game opens with a scene in the house. 

Difficulty & Puzzles 

This game is both easy and hard.  When it's hard, it's usually fun.  However, some of the puzzles were boring, and seemingly impossible at different points. 

What Didn't Work? 

A lot of this game was out of order.  You would bounce around with too many different tasks, and I lost track of what I was doing many times.  A lot of the puzzles were too similar, a lot having to do with codes and number combinations.  That got boring at points.  And one puzzle was done by trial and error.  Each time you did it, you would have to wait a long time for it to come out, which was completely unnecessary considering that you want to see how it turns out each time so you can try to fix it the next time.  The solution is somewhere, but it's rather hard to find, and because I didn't know about it, I was sitting for almost an hour trying all sorts of combinations, and having to wait so long each time before I could see how it turned out.  This became VERY tedious.  I shouldn't feel like I'm in math class when I'm playing a Nancy Drew game.  As mentioned before, there was one character that played almost no part.  I think they either should have given the character a larger part, or simply not used the character at all. 

All in All... 

This certainly isn't the best ND game.  It was average in difficulty and plot.  But it is one that's worth while. It's an enjoyable experience that you can play over and over again.  With a few faults, this game still hit me as an overall satisfying experience, case closed. 

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