by Colpet
February 11, 2005

Developer: Pendulo Studios  
Publisher: Dinamic  

Seeing as I usually prefer Mysty type games, this game was a bit of a departure for me.  I actually bought it because it was on sale, and I had heard some good comments about it.

Runaway is a 3rd person point and click game.  At first I thought it was 'cartoony', but that was soon dispelled as the story unfolded.  You follow Brian as he heads to Berkley to fulfill his dream of doing a Physics PhD.  On the way, he literally runs over a beautiful and mysterious girl, Gina, and gets caught up in her flight from 2 thugs intent on stealing a crucifix that was given to her.  There are graphic scenes of murder, transvestites, getting high discussions, plus tongue and cheek sexual innuendos that take this a few notches above the other cartoon type games that I've played.

There are some very interesting characters you meet along the way.  The dialogue is not so extensive to be tedious, and it's pretty obvious when there is something new to ask.  The places to explore are colorful and full of detail, and there is a map feature to make getting to them easier.

Did I enjoy it?  Absolutely!  Most of the puzzles are inventory based and fairly logical, though there is some serious pixel hunting to be done a few times.  At the beginning, I was at a bit of a loss for what to do, and the game won't let you progress until you accomplish everything.  I found that some items are only accessible after certain actions or dialogue, so going back over areas is recommended.  Once I got that under my belt, it went more smoothly.  Another bonus was the background music and the theme song was catchy and worked well in the game.

This was a good romp.  If you are holding back playing this game like I was, reconsider.  Apparently there is a sequel in the making, so it seems that Brian and Gina's adventure will continue - something to look forward to this year.

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