Perry Rhodan: The Immortals Of Terra 
by Danyboy
August 4, 2008


The Story

In 1971, Perry and the crew of the Saturn rocket STARDUST became the first people to land on the moon. Once there, they encountered a group of stranded Arkonide astronauts.

This first contact between mankind and an advanced, alien people effectively changed the course of history: Perry, who, thanks to a cell activator, became immortal at the age of 39, has been guiding the Terran's destiny since that day. From the very start, Perry's highest priority has been his people. Everything else is secondary to his service to the Terrans and his efforts to protect them from harm. His most striking characteristics are his formidable reasoning abilities, understanding of cosmic interrelations, and his ability to adapt to new circumstances quickly. Unlike other galactic rulers, Perry is no stranger to self-doubt; he questions his actions and is open to criticism.

In this adventure, Perry must do without his omnipotence and powerful allies. Instead, he is armed only with his multifunction wrist-band and dry sense of humor. The center of Terran power, the Solar Residence, has been attacked and Perry's beloved, Mondra Diamond, has been abducted. Reginald Bull, an immortal friend of Perry's and the Residence Minister for League Defense, has taken this opportunity to use his special powers for Perry's protection. He has ordered that Perry be confined to the Residence and imposed a communications blackout. Perry must escape secretly if he wants to save Mondra and discover the dark secret behind her abduction.

Touch the far reaches of space and time… Blast off into uncharted alien territory on the trail of a deadly secret, threatening peace on Terra. As immortal Perry Rhodan, you will embark on an intergalactic quest for the truth. Discover amazing extraterrestrials in new frontiers as he tracks down the diabolical mastermind with plans of apocalyptic proportion. Enter into a battle of the wits and unravel the tangled web of intrigue as Perry faces his greatest enemy yet! The Fate of the Universe lies in your hands!



Two German writers, K.H. Scheer and Clark Darlton, gave birth to Perry Rhodan in the 60's; since then the pulp cover magazine has been translated in several languages. Some comic strips were also made about his intergalactic adventures. In 1967, a Perry Rhodan movie was even created; Mission Stardust was criticized by Perry Rhodan fans and was not popular even with Sci-Fi fanatics.

So now for those who have never heard of him, Perry Rhodan is an immortal U.S. Space Force Major stuck in his thirties who has the not-so-easy task of unifying Terra and carving out a place for humanity in the galaxy and the cosmos. If this wasn't enough to start with, Mondra Diamond, his beloved girlfriend, is kidnapped by combat robots during an invasion of Terra, but the beautiful and strong woman didn't let them take her without a fight.



There is a nice assortment of puzzles in the game. Some are easy and others are more complex. There is something to please everyone. The puzzles are inventory based, logical, and mechanical. There is even a nice slider and a sound puzzle. We haven't seen those much in recent games. The puzzles are well integrated into the story, and for some you will need to think a lot. But nothing is impossible, and sometimes clues are even available in the game.


Graphics and Gameplay

Perry Rhodan is a third person point and click adventure game. You press ESC to get to the main menu. Other keys such a the "S" key will scan a scene. The cursor changes its shape and color to show different action possibilities. Double click to make Perry run; left click to do an action; right click to see information about an object. Just be sure to read the manual to be able to use all the features. There aren't a lot of save slots, which is unfortunate, and there is a bit of pixel hunting.

The beautiful 3D graphics are very futuristic with bright colors mixed in with many shades of grey, silver, black, and white. There are five locations with a lot of scenery to explore. Interesting cutscenes will help you understand more about what is happening.

When you see a hotspot and don't know what the object is, you can pick it up, and then when it's in your inventory you will know what it is. If you want to know more about the object you dragged into your notebook, you will then have a description of the object and know the purpose of that object. You can also do the same thing with most of the objects if you use them on Perry's computer, but you will need to be in his office to do so.

In each scene, several objects and characters are animated. There are different kinds of robots with different purposes, holographic characters, and background effects like smoke, dust, and sparkles which make each scene very alive.

During the gameplay you will have the chance to disguise Perry several times so he can do some of the things he needs to do undercover. It's funny how in most games well-known characters only have to put on a disguise - without changing anything about their faces - and they still succeed at not being recognized.

There are a few negative points about the game. One is that the facial animation isn't the best, and even some movements by our hero aren't synchronized with what he is doing. As an example, when he's typing on a computor his hands are several inches above the keyboard. The same thing happens when he's picking up objects.


Interesting facts about the game:


- Interesting scan system (that some of you might classify as cheating) that helps you find the exit or hotspot.

- Most characters and moving objects aren't stationary in the game. (I hate when I enter a room full of people and have the impression of being in a wax museum in which the characters are only decorating elements.)


Dialogue and Sound

The voices are excellent and fit each character pretty well. Most of the dialogue isn't there just to make the game longer; it is actually part of the story. Interaction between the characters is short and sweet. One thing I didn't like much was Perry's dark sense of humor. The music is also very good. We could call the genre "movie style." It does help establish the atmosphere and has a character of its own. Sound effects are also well done, and everything is nicely balanced.


Bugs and/or patches

I didn't encounter any major bugs.


Computer specifications

System Requirements:


512 MB RAM for Windows XP & Windows 2000
1024 MB for Windows Vista
ATI Radeon 8500 64 MB / Nvidia GeForce 3 64 MB
1.5 GHz Pentium 4 CPU (or similar)
3.5 GB free hard drive space
ATI / Nvidia graphic card driver installed
100% DirectX 9.0 compatible soundcard
Mouse and a keyboard
DVD-ROM drive


1024 MB RAM for Windows XP
2048 MB RAM for Windows Vista
NVidia GeForce 6600 GT 256 MB / ATI 9600 XT (or better) 256 MB
2.4 GHz Pentium 4 CPU (or similar)
3.5 GB free hard drive space
ATI / Nvidia graphic driver installed
100% DirectX 9.0 compatible soundcard
Mouse and a keyboard
DVD-ROM drive


My computer specifications

OS: Windows Vista SP1
RAM: 2 X 288Go
Processor: Intel (R) Core (TM) 2 Duo 3.00 Go
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT
Sound: Onboard Sound Controller
Disk space: 1st 247Go and 2nd 282 Go
DirectX 10.0


Closing statement

The developer put a lot of effort into this game to make it different from what is available on the market right now. A lot of time was spent on characters and objects, animation, beautiful 3D graphics, an interesting story, some easy and some difficult puzzles, good voice acting, and realistic sound effects.

Even if you aren't a big Sci-Fi fan (like me), the game has enough interesting elements to make you want to go further.

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A Perry Rhodan Adventure: The Immortals Of Terra

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