Intrigue At Oakhaven Plantation 
by Nikki
October 15, 2006


"Intrigue at Oakhaven Plantation" is the second Adventure by Cindy Pondillo.  The story is more extensive this time and the number of the riddles has risen.  There are two characters that must be led through the game.

Like in the first Adventure,  you look for tips to solve numerous riddles in an old mansion.  However, the search also drives you out of the house.  Beyond the property, you must struggle through the swamps of Louisiana.  Again you play in the first person perspective.

The characters talk to each other by a small text box in the lower edge of the screen.  Every character has their own color in which the matching text box is shown.  Thus, you can always distinguish which person is speaking.  In contrast to the first Adventure of Cindy Pondillo,  you talk to living persons and not to spirits.

The plantation shows many rooms which the player must rummage.  Many little things, which belong in such an old house, complicate your search for certain objects.  The riddles are bound up with such objects. 

If you do not solve a riddle right away, you can leave it with the right mouse button and continue later at the same place at which you had stopped.  20 riddles within the house must be solved.  There is a journey through the swamp, which both main characters must master apart from each other.  Some books give tips to solve the riddles.

There is a large part of the story which the player must read, but it is worthwhile because the family history of the Allains is interesting and not without dark secrets.

Attractive music, which changes according to room and scene, was chosen.  You cannot change the music volume using the option menu.

The game can be saved any time and loaded again.  Because you cannot die, it is not necessary to save often. There are no dead ends and bugs.  The liquid game course provides approx. 6 hours of game pleasure. 

The game is completely steered with the mouse.  Again a riddle with questions and answers is present, however, in contrast to "Hauntings of Mystery Manor" where you had to type the answers by keyboard, in "Oakhaven" there are multiple choice procedures.  The right answer must only be clicked.

The inventory exists in a form of a suitcase, which can be selected in the upper screen edge and then opens on the screen.  Sometimes objects must be combined with each other.  A small scale in the menu shows how many riddles each character has solved at that point.

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