Hauntings Of Mystery Manor
Nikki at Adventurespiele
August 6, 2006


Hauntings of Mystery Manor is an adventure which will absolutely occupy you for some hours.  It is a game in the first person perspective and you can visit numerous rooms of an old mansion. 

There are no conversations in this game.  The characters inform you in a form of a text field about their requests.  You are the only living person in this house.  All the other characters are souls who could find no rest.  These souls are introduced partially transparent in the graphic arts and this emphasizes the effect wonderfully.  Otherwise, every room shows the details which are to be found in an inhabited mansion. 

The background music is adapted to the respective room of the house.  For example, you can hear salon music in the billiard room,  yet while in the bedroom the sound is more moderate.

The game can be saved any time and loaded again.  Because you cannot die, however, it is not necessary to save often.  There are no dead ends and bugs.  The liquid play creates some pleasant playing hours. 

The game is completely steered with the mouse, up to an exception at the end. Here there are questions which must be answered by using the keyboard.  However, this is the only place at which the keyboard is required. 

The inventory exists in a form of a suitcase which can be selected in the upper screen edge and then opens on the middle of the screen.  The objects in it can be either looked at or picked up and some must be combined with each other.  These objects are scattered throughout the house and are hidden well, so that they are to be discovered under the numerous accessories of the rooms, and this creates the charm of this Adventure.

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