Destination Treasure Island  
by Greyfuss
March 7, 2007


Four years have passed since Long John Silver escaped and nobody knows what has become of him; neither the King's justice, who has a price on his head, nor the young Jim Hawkins, his fellow adventurer. One evening, however, Jim Hawkins is surprised to find Long Johns parrot perched at his window. The bird has brought a message from its master. The old pirate has left Jim a fantastic treasure chest hidden somewhere on Emerald Island. A map and a mysterious enigma indicate the whereabouts of the booty. But Jim can't hang around: Long John's old accomplices are probably already on the trail.

Avast Matey! So you be after me treasure be ye? Aye and thar shall be the adventure ye seeks.

First I must say that I did enjoy playing Destination: Treasure Island. Lets get to some of the preliminary game statistics:

There is no fighting, no action, no stealth, no timed puzzles, no sound puzzles and you won't die.

Did you play ‘Return to Mysterious Island'? It is exactly the same game play. Same Inventory with the ability to combine several items, same controls (right & left mouse clicks), unlimited saves, and same comic book style drawings instead of cut scenes.

Graphics were very good as was the voice acting. Except for that darn parrot that I couldn't understand. It was a good thing that he was just repeating the enigma that Long John bestowed upon you. There are a handful of characters to interact with but for the most part you are on your own in a first person perspective. There is a map that will zip you from place to place once you have visited them, but Emerald Island is not very big to begin with. The game ran flawlessly. No bugs, shudders or shakes.

The story is quite original and made easy to follow by completing the tasks that are in Long Johns enigma. This enigma that is placed on you, Jim Hawkins, will guide you through the whole story. As you complete the “tests” that Long John has set for you, they are conveniently crossed off the list so you always know what you have to do next. Even though the plot might be somewhat dramatic, the story comes off as a bit whimsical.

**This would be a great starter game for a newcomer to the Adventure genre. Its pretty to look at, easy to understand, the story flows, it runs without a hitch and the controls are simple. My guess, in the neighborhood of 20 hours for the novice to complete.

**For the average Adventure game player this game will be fun and challenging. You certainly wont need a walkthrough. For the most part the puzzles are not all that difficult and you are helped along with comments from Jim or consulting the enigma which is accessible in the inventory (right click). I just don't understand why developers lately try to make their puzzles interesting and challenging only to tell the gamer what they have done wrong or what they should do next. I guess they don't expect us to think for ourselves. There are a couple of good puzzles near the end of the game that you are pretty much on your own. My guess, 10 to 15 hours for the average gamer.

**For the experienced Adventure gamer however, Destination: Treasure Island is very short. Now I am not the smartest gamer in the world but by my estimation it took me just about seven hours to complete the game. I do have to mention that I had the benefit of completing the French Demo which sped me through the first part of the game. My guess, 10 hours for an experienced gamer.

No matter what, the one thing you will have, is fun playing Destination: Treasure Island. You just might get a kick out of it.

“Fifteen men on a dead mans chest–Yo-Ho-Ho and a bottle of rum”
There is a Treasure Chest full of pictures in the Wine Cellar

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