Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine 
by Danyboy
November 28, 2006


Genre: Adventure 
Developer & Publisher:  Himalaya Studios 
PC Requirements: 
Win95, OSR2, 98, ME, 2000 or XP
1 MB video RAM 
800 Mhz processor 
128 MB RAM 
Direct X compatible video card, DirectX 9.0c 
350 MB free disk space, DirectX compatible digital sound card 

My Thoughts: 

Al Emmo is a modern third person point-and-click game with an oldies touch.  Humor is everywhere in this game.  Don't hesitate to touch everything and talk to everyone; don't even hesitate to talk to the mule if you want!  The narrator is very funny; it makes us forget that Al Emmo's voice is so annoying.  Al Emmo is a middle aged Mr. Nobody, someone that you wouldn't care to talk to or to look at.  After leaving the comfort of his parents home he decided that it was time for him to find the perfect woman and marry her.  Al Emmo isn't a sex symbol but he's very picky as to what kind of woman he wants.  During his search for his perfect woman, he will encounter many funny situations. 

It took me almost all of the chapter 1 to get into the game and like it.  There is a lot of walking at the beginning but when you get the map that problem is resolved.  Some of the chapters are very short but other take a lot of time to play.  When you're looking for an object, as an example lets say a flower, since there are hundreds of them in the game, finding the right one is a pain in the &*?  There's a lot of dialogue in the game but you can skip those by clicking on the mouse. 

I don't get easily offended and I'm not a prudish person, but this game isn't for children.  One of the scenes in the brothel could be offensive for children or a more prudish person.  Even if that section of the game is supposed to be funny, the kind of humor in Al Emmo is directed to an adult audience. 

Lets talk about the puzzles now.  Most of them are inventory based, not very difficult and you wont have a headache after completing them.  The hardest one according to me is the one when you need to make a drink.  I doubt you will need a walkthrough for this game. 

During the game play you will encounter a lot of celebrities.  These celebrities are caricatures of real celebrities and these encounters are very funny.  Music is average, western style, not really good or bad but well chosen for each situation.  Sometimes when you're looking for something, the humor of the narrator might get on your nerves.  Some of the situations are very predictable but sometimes you don't see the outcomes.  Most of the situations or subjects present in the game play are very caricatured and ridiculous but that's what makes the game so enjoyable. 

Sometimes controlling the character is very tricky; finding the right spot to click on to make him move that way is quite annoying. 

The last chapter was very hard.  You need to have sharp eyes and some quick mouse clicks.  In two action sequences in that chapter I died almost 15 times before being able to finish that first action sequence.  I'm not good at those so I don't like them. 

Al Emmo is a smooth and relaxing game, a breath of fresh air and it has nothing to do with the games we're actually used to playing.  I might play it once again one day (since I didn't touch everything, just by touching everything you can add 10 hours or more to the game play).  The graphics are wonderful and there are lots of details to make the game play very enjoyable. 

This is a modern but classic, Sierra style adventure game.  My final grade for the game is 8/10.  I will definitely play the following game if there's one in the future. 

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