It's been quiet around here.

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Re: It's been quiet around here.

Post by JKEerie » Sun Mar 10, 2019 5:46 pm

Glad to see that most everyone has joined into this conversation!

Val moves can be very stressful but the joy of moving into a new facility off sets it a bit. Sure hope your house sells sooner rather than later. When I moved here 5 years ago (Wow! Time flies!), I had moved all of my "stuff" myself, since my move was 100 or so miles away. I'd just pack up the SUV whenever I was visiting. Once I retired, I made more trips, so that by moving day, all that was needed was for the movers to grab the furniture and other large items. It made moving in very easy, since my kitchen was already set up! Then my house sold in a month. I accepted less than the original listing price, but it was for the assessed value, so I was happy.

MBday I am with you that I'm so tired of this winter! It really hasn't even been the snow as much as the high winds. We're getting 60mph gusts today! My porch ceiling props have held up, plus my repair guy came by yesterday at my behest to put some screws through the ceiling pieces to hold them better in place until I can get the whole thing fixed when the weather turns. The wind is blowing but I'm no longer bothered by the loud banging.

How old are your grandson's MB? Were you able to join them in any computer play or were there noses buried in tablets? My two great nephews are happy to play some of the Big Fish Games together. I'm still trying to clear up my backlog of games. I'm not a fan of the HOPs so much, but I love it when a game has good puzzles. I started a Nancy Drew weeks ago, but haven't gotten back to it.

Kickaha, thank you for the sympathies regarding my spill. The good news is I'm back to 100%. No more aches in parts that didn't ache before!

I'm sorry to hear about the back ailments for a number of you. I have on and off back pain, but only when I sit too much. I have a degenerative disc issue. What helped me was walking in Skecher Shape Up shoes (which they don't make anymore). The rocking type of sole actually teaches you to walk properly aligning your spine better. They should have advertised that aspect versus the weight loss claims. At any rate, they helped me quite a bit, so now I don't have as many issues. On the occasion that I do have some back pain, I'm able to deal with it with Tylenol (or generic) and either an ice pack or a heating pad. Hope your hubbies nerve block treatment works out well, Drac. Living with that kind of pain is no picnic.

Spring is around the corner! The problem seems to be a corner clear across town!

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Re: It's been quiet around here.

Post by draclvr » Sun Mar 10, 2019 7:14 pm

And Rosaboobie is on holiday in northern Scotland in the middle of the highlands right now and has been having 80+ mph wind gusts up there! I can't imagine... She actually worries about her little Jack Russells getting blown away!
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