Mystery Manor Adventure



Main Entrees
Arthur's Knights' Favorite Easy Stew
Beyond Atlantis and Chicken Pot Pie
Lights Out for Trewarthan Cornish Pasty
The Real Curse of Monkey Island:  El Pollo Diablo Enchiladas
Tex Murphy's Sloppy Joes
Town of Dust:  Steak with Gravy
Soups & Sauces
Gabriel's Creole Barbecue Sauce
Gilbert Goodmate's Mushroom Soup from Phungoria
Grim Fandango's Salsa
Hearty Viking Potato Soup
Pompei's Italian Wedding Soup
El Dorado Banana Bread
Odyssey's Hot Zucchini Loaves
Shadow Ranch Corn Fritters
Broken Sword Cafe's Cheese Cake
China's Red Velvet Cake
Diz's Deadly Brownies
Kate Walker's Syberia Chocolate Dream Pie



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