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7th Guest by Fairygdmther
A Fork In The Tale by Bacardi Jim
A Vampyre Story by Danyboy and Draclvr
Al Emmo by Danyboy
Alida by Bacardi Jim
Amber:  Journeys Beyond by Bacardi Jim
Anachronox by Bacardi Jim
Ankh by Danyboy
Archipelago by Fairygdmther
Arrangement, The by Bacardi Jim
Art Of Murder: FBI Confidential by Danyboy
ASA: A Space Adventure by Phlebas
Atlantis Evolution by Bacardi Jim
Aura:  Fate Of The Ages by Bacardi Jim
Bioscopia by Fairygdmther
Blackstone Chronicles by Fairygdmther
Blackwell Unbound by Danyboy
The Book of Unwritten Tales by Bacardi Jim
Broken Sword:  The Smoking Mirror by Tanuvien
Cameron Files:  The Secret of Loch Ness by Fairygdmther
Ceville by Danyboy
Chaos:  A Fantasy Adventure by Bacardi Jim
Chemicus by Fairygdmther
Cleopatra: Riddle Of The Tomb by Danyboy
Culpa Innata (review) by Danyboy and Angelfire
Culpa Innata (preview) by Danyboy
Dark Fall by Bacardi Jim
Darkness Within: In Pursuit Of Loath Nolder by Danyboy
Delaware St. John Volume 1:  The Curse Of Midnight Manor by Casesolver
Destination Treasure Island by Greyfuss
Diamonds In The Rough by Danyboy
Dig, The by Fairygdmther
Dracula Origin by Danyboy
Dracula 3 - Path of the Dragon by Danyboy and Draclvr
Dracula 5 - The Blood Legacy by Phlebas

Drowned God by Fairygdmther


Everlight Magic & Power by Danyboy

Fairy Tale about Father Frost, Ivan and Nastya by Fairygdmther
Faust or 7 Games of the Soul by Fairygdmther
Ghosts by Casesolver
The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Thief by Danyboy
Haunting At Cliffhouse
       By Old Mariner at Gameboomers
       By Rushes at Gameboomers

       By Nikki at Adventurespiele          In German
       By Marjo at Adventure Island        In Dutch
Hauntings Of Mystery Manor
       By Tally Ho at Just Adventure
       By Jen at Four Fat Chicks
       By Rosemary Young at Quandary
       By Chris Dahlberg at Cosmos Gaming
       By Nikki at         In German
Intrigue At Oakhaven Plantation
       By Enigma at Four Fat Chicks
       By Rosemary Young at Quandary
       By Tom King at AdventureGamers
       By Ryan Casey at Just Adventure
       By Nikki at
Journey To The Center Of The Earth by Fairygdmther
Labyrinth Of Time, The by Cynthia Gary
Lights Out by Bacardi Jim
Lost In Time by Bacardi Jim
Moment Of Silence, The by Lucien
Morpheus by Fairygdmther
MTV's Club Dead by Bacardi Jim
Murder In The Abbey by Danyboy
Myst IV:  Revelation by Cynthia Gary
Mysterious Journey II by Fairygdmther
Nancy Drew:  Danger By Design by Casesolver
The Neverhood by Fairygdmther
Next Life by Danyboy
Nikopol Secrets Of The Immortals by Danyboy
Overclocked: A History Of Violence by Danyboy
Obsidian by Fairygdmther
Perry Rhodan: The Immortals Of Terra by Danyboy
Physicus by Fairygdmther
Rhiannon: Curse Of the Four Branches by Danyboy
Ring:  The Legend Of The Nibelungen by Bacardi Jim
Runaway by Colpet
Salammbo by Tanuvien
Sam & Max - Season 1 by Danyboy
Sam & Max Episode 201: Ice Station Santa by Danyboy
Sanitarium by Tanuvien
Sanitarium by Fairygdmther
Scratches by Casesolver
Secret Files: Tunguska by Danyboy
Sherlock Holmes:  The Awakened by Greyfuss
Sherlock Holmes:  Case Of The Silver Earring by Lucien
Sherlock Holmes:  Nemesis by Danyboy
Sinking Island by Danyboy
So Blonde by Danyboy
Still Life 2 by Danyboy
Syberia 2 by Bacardi Jim
Timelapse by Fairygdmther
Xiama by Fairygdmther




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