Mystery Manor Adventure
Clue Chronicles:  Fatal Illusion Walkthrough

By Becky Buchhiet



This page was done for those of you who would like a fast answer.  These are my suggestions to try.  I have broken it into five sections. The Boat Cable Car,  Masques Chateau,  After Urf Dies, and  Through The Door.  You can scroll down to the section you are in and see if the question you have is answered here.
Two suggestions I strongly recommend:
1). Save several games at a time, this way if the game freezes on one, you have others to try.  Do not override all the games.  You can always go back and delete some later if need be.
2). Do not rush the game, let the game make its full move before clicking to do something


The Boat

These are the most common asked questions on the boat.  


How do I get into the door that is locked with the combination lock? 
The first thing you need to do is to test Mrs. Scarlet to see if she has ESP. Then you can ask her if she she's anything else. She will tell you that she sees today's date (12-31-38).
Now you can go to the door with the lock. First turn the combination lock to the right to the # 12. Then turning it to your left, pass the # 31 the first time around stopping on the # 31 the second time. Then turn to your right to the # 38. Click on the door knob. If you mess up on a number back away from the door and try again. Sometimes this can be tricky so just keep at it.
Once you are inside look for a pair of gloves and a gear.
How do I pick up the puzzle box?  Use the pair of gloves.
How do I get the three artifacts (pins)?  You will get one when you pick up the puzzle box. The others will be in the vase Mrs. White drops.
How do I get Mrs. White to drop the vase?  Have Urf teach you a magic trick. Show Sabata the magic trick, he will enjoy the trick and will draw you a picture. Go up and see Mrs. White, she will drop a vase. Move the broken pieces of the vase and you will find two pins.
How do I get in to see the captain?  Once you have gotten the puzzle box, three artifacts and a gear go up the stairs to the door. Go down into your inventory bar, do this first step inside the inventory bar. Drag the pin that is next to your puzzle box over to the box (it should light up) click on it. This should cause the puzzle box to appear on your screen.  Now go down and drag that same pin you just used up to the puzzle box again and click when it lights up, .  Now go back down into inventory and drag the pin  to the left of the two pins together up to the key hole on the puzzle box then click. Now go get the last pin and drag it up to the key hole on the box and click. Another compartment will open up and you will find a special key that you can use to open the door.
How do I make the robot work?  Go over to the generator and turn it off. Go over to the robot and drag the gear you found in storage up near the lower part of his leg and click. The game will put it in place. Now go over and start the generator.


This is the order that I did when I reached the cable car. I am not saying it is the only way, just how I made it through.
HINT: If you have moved a lot of the levers on the control box before you found the instructions and the game won't move forward try and reset the controls. ( switches on right and left pointing down, both levers in middle) then back away and try again. This time only click the ones the instructions say to.
I talked to Green.
Went in to the cable car house and went to the cabinet that has the guest book on it. Inside the cabinet I gathered the fuel tank, funnel and flashlight.
Went to the gold tank by the front door, dragged the funnel up to the tanks lid and clicked. I then dragged the can up to the funnel and clicked.
Went into the cable car. Used the flashlight to look around inside. Found the instructions and pieced them together.
Went out of cable car to the control panel that is up from the fuel tank. Clicked on the three switches on the left. Pulled the right lever as far to the left as it would go.
At this point the game made its move and loaded all the players and me into the cable car.
On the control panels inside of cable car I moved the lever on the left once. Then on the lever to the right I moved it up and down till the green light flashed. I then moved it as far up as it would go.
When the car gets stuck on the ice, just move the lever on the right up and


Since you start in the dinning room you might as well start with Mr. Greens riddle.
To find his jewel go into the kitchen to the cold room. Inside of the cold room you will see a freezer, go to it and open it. Pick a tray and take it back out to the kitchen. Go to the stove by the cooper pot. Drag the ice tray out to the pot and click. Turn the burner on by clicking on the stoves knob. The flame will come on and the pot will tilt. If the jewel is not in that ice tray, turn the stove off and go get another tray. Do this until you have found the right one. The jewel will be easy to see when you do get the right one. Then take it to Mr. Green and give it to him.
To get Mrs. Whites riddle you must talk with her and hear her dream. Go upstairs to Kell's room and ask her to interpret the dream. Then go back and tell Mrs. White. Now she will tell you her riddle.
The jewel is hidden in Kell's room inside the chest of drawers.
On the 1st row click on the 3rd column drawer.
On the 2nd row click on the 1st column drawer.
On the 3rd  row click on the 4th column drawer.
On the 4th row click on the 2nd column drawer.
Now click on bottom drawer. Let the pearl roll and come to a stop before clicking on it. Take it to Mrs. White and give it to her.
To get Ms. Scarlet to give you her riddle go downstairs to the dinning room. In the far left fireplace down in the ashes you will find a picture. Take this picture to her and ask if she knows who it is, then ask her for her riddle.
The cat is in the room with Plum. You must click in the order of her riddle.
Make this cat go blind in the brightest light. Make it's leg twist to the right. Make all it's scent for it disappear. The jewels revealed when at last the black cat can no longer hear.
Now follow the red beam to her jewel.
To get Mrs. Peacock to tell you her riddle go talk to Col.Mustard. He will tell you some gossip about Mrs. Peacock. Go tell her what you heard then ask for her riddle.
Her riddle is the maze game found in the room with Urf and Popov.
This one is tricky. To help guide the ball put the glove on the ball and click, while still holding down the mouse button move a small distance away and let go of the button, the ball should roll to you. On the holes where the ball is determined to go put the glove on the ball click and pull away from the hole it is rolling to. Do this often and quickly. On the very last hole in the maze, I put the glove on the ball and went a little more than half way up on the right hand wall and let go of the mouse button. Then I did the same thing but this time to the left hand wall. Kinda like you bankshoot in pool.
The ball starts out in the top left area. When I say gray hole, red hole, or dark gray hole, it is the holes in this area I am referring to.
1. The ball starts out in top left area. Guide the ball to the dark gray hole, the ball will come out in the dark 
    gray hallway. Guide the ball down the hall all the way to the far right hole.
2. Now the ball is back up in top left corner. This time guide the ball to the red hole. The ball will come out at
    the bottom of the red spiral hallway. Guide it all the way around to the center hole.
3  We are again back up to top left area. Guide the ball to the light gray hole. The ball will come out in the far
    right light gray hallway. Guide the ball to the second hole.
4. Now we are in the bottom left area. Guide the ball to the blue button (walls change), go to the top blue 
    button (walls change), go to the new top blue button (walls change), go to the left button (walls change
    exposing a new hole), guide the ball to the new hole.
5. Again the ball comes out in top left area. Guide the ball to the light gray hole. The ball will come out in
    the far right hallway on the right. Guide the ball to the third hole.
6. Back again in the top left area. Again guide the ball to the light gray hole. Again the ball comes out in far
    right hallway, this time guide the ball to the fourth hole.
7. This time the ball comes out in lower area. Guide the ball to the blue button (walls change) go to the left 
    blue button (walls change) go to the right button (walls change) now to the lower blue button on the right 
    (walls change, exposing a hole) guide the ball to the new exposed hole.
8. For the last time (if you get it right) we are back up in the top left area. Guide the ball to the light gray
    hole. The ball will come out in far right hallway again. This time you need to guide it all the way to the 
    very top hole. This is where I used the walls to bounce it around all the other holes. But have patience 
    and do what works for you.
To get Col. Mustards riddle, you must learn a magic trick from Urf and show Sabata. Col. Mustard will walk up when you do this and tell Sabata what to draw.
On the rebus you have a beacker, a clock with hair, and a apple core.
My theory on what the pictures mean is this: The beacker if you count the marks by two and add the half mark will equal 8 1/2. This is where you should set the hands of the clock to. The clock with hair, stands for the clock in the center hallway surrounded by the hairy lions. The apple core stands for clicking on the core (or center of the clock). After you set the clock to 8:30 click on the center of the clock, the face will rotate around and you will be given Mustards jewel. Something drops out but don't worry about it.
To get Plum's riddle you must first talk to Popov, she will instruct you to find a pendant and bring it to her. You can find the pendant if you go stand next to Plum and turn to your left. The pendant is on the bust. Take the pendant to Popov and she will teach you how to hypnotize people.
Now go to Plum and ask him if you can hypnotize him, close the notebook, drag the pendant up to him and click. The pendant will open up. Put the top bar of the chain anywhere up near his face and then gently move your mouse back and forth till the pendant gets into a good swing. Move it just a hair up and let go. In a few seconds Plum should go into a trance and tell you his riddle.
His jewel is hidden in the Iron Maiden. You can find the Iron Maiden out in the hallway to the right of the door you went in to see Plum.
You must click the white buttons in a star pattern. I started with the top left button, down to bottom button,  up to top right button, down and over to middle left button, over to right middle button, then back up to top left button.

Once all the jewels are found and given to the players the game should take over and Urf should perform his great Illusion. If nothing happens go into the magic room and see if that will start it.


Go talk to Popov. She will tell you to go find the ouija board. Go to the dinning room and get the ouija board out of the china cabinet and take it and give it to her. Follow her to the dinning room. Spell out all the players names that had a riddle and Popov name.
Masque will appear and take all of the jewels. Now it is time to start talking to people again.
You can hypnotize Kell now. Do it the same way you did Prof. Plum. If you loose the pendant don't worry. What she tells you shouldn't have a effect on the rest of the game playing. If you are dead set on hearing what she has to say, save the game before you even ask her if you can hypnotize her. This way you can try again if you do lose the pendant.
If you hear a gunshot go check on Ms. Scarlet. Even if you do not hear a gunshot go see Scarlet after hypnotizing Kell. If you go into her room and find her on the floor go talk to everyone again and see what they have to say. Then go back to Scarlet's room and check on her. You will get knocked out but when you wake up Scarlet will explain to you why she faked her death and hand you a key.
The reason I said "if you go into her room and find her on the floor" is because sometimes the game skips over this part. As long as she hands you the key you are ok. The key will open the door at the top of the staircase by the lift


When you get through the locked door, you enter a game room. Go through the room to the door at the other end. In the second room (which looks exactly like the first room) go over to the fireplace. Click and drag the fire irons as far to the right as they will go. A secret passage way should open up.
After you go through secret passage way, you are in a hidden bedroom. Go over to the desk and read the book. A lot of the story is revealed. You can turn the pages by clicking on them. After you have read the book click on the left hand drawer, inside are all the jewels. Click on them and they will appear in inventory. Now over to your left is a double set of doors. That is your next step.
When you go through the doors you are at the top of a long spiral stair case. Go down the stairs to the door you see. Now you are in the catacombs. I think this is the way to go but I will not swear to it. I got turned around. Here is what I think I did. Left door - left door - right door - right door - right door - left door - left door.
Now you are in the room with the sarcophagus. Click on your jewels one by one and place a jewel on  each tray. When you have them on the correct tray it will open up the sarcophagus. I believe this is how I placed the jewels on. On the left side, starting with back tray I put Green's, middle tray Scarlett's, front tray Mustards. Now on the right side starting at back- I put Peacocks, middle tray - Plums, front tray - Whites. When the sarcophagus opens up take the knife and then click on the paper by the mummy's head.


8 & 14


5 & 13



11 & 15













The door with the bomb on it. Use the knife you have in inventory to cut the wires. I believe this is the order. red, orange, yellow, green, blue, top purple, bottom purple. I will not swear to it but I think once when I played the game the door blew up but the game gave me a second try. Now the last time I played where ever I put the knife, the right order cut itself. Except for the last two purples.


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