Intrigue At Oakhaven Plantation

Puzzle Solutions and Hints




All links are complete puzzle solves

Daphne's Bathroom - Soap puzzle - inventory item:  soap from Daphne's Bathroom
Arrange letters to form a sentence.  Example:  "AL ON GT IM EA GO" would create the sentence "A LONG TIME AGO"
Daphne's Bedroom - Perfume puzzle - inventory items:  4 stoppers located in
                                 a) Dominic's Bathroom
                                 b) Parlour 
                                 c) Music Room 
                                 d) Nursery
Arrange stoppers on top of matching perfume bottles

Library - Compound Word puzzle - No inventory item, locate the "Compound Words" book in the Library
Match the first picture to the second picture to form a compound word that equals the third picture; total of six words must be formed.
Example:  The picture of the "foot" plus the picture of the "ball" would create the compound word "football" so the picture of the football would need to be selected as the third picture

Music Room - Harp puzzle - inventory item: music book from the Library
Click the harps in the correct sequence to play a piece of music

Kitchen - Stone puzzle - inventory item: stone on the table located on the second floor entry hall
Arrange stones in the order given:


Dining Room  - Voodoo doll puzzle - inventory item: voodoo doll from Paulina
Click on 30 voodoo dolls before the time expires
Parlour - Herb/Tea puzzle - inventory item:  combination of peppermint from the planter in the Herb Garden and the teacup from the Kitchen
Move the herbs to their correct medicinal value when brewed in tea
Billiard Room - Mint Julep puzzle - combined inventory items:
                        a) water pitcher from Daphne's Bathroom
                        b) sugar cubes from the Kitchen
                        c) mint sprig from the back porch
                        d) bourbon from Dominic's bedroom
                        e) mint julep cup from Dining Room
Attic - Portrait puzzle - inventory item: Easel from Parlour
There are four sequences of three portraits which you must memorize the order from left to right. When you get one of the sequences correct, you will move onto the next. If you fail that next sequence, the puzzle will take you back to the first, second, third and fourth sequence so that you can look at them again and then will place you at the next sequence you have not solved.
Nursery - Toy puzzle - inventory item: Miniature furniture from the Dining Room
Find the pairs of toys by clicking on the letters at the bottom 






Dominic's Bathroom - Postcard puzzle - inventory item:  tape dispenser from Music Room
Arrange squares to form a postcard picture

Dominic's Bedroom - Rifle puzzle - inventory item: rifle from Storage Room
Click on the rifle name and then click on the rifle you think it belongs to. If it is correct, the rifle will fire. You must continue doing this without getting any incorrect.  If you get any of them incorrect, the puzzle will reset and you'll have to start over. 
Library - Classic books puzzle - No inventory item, locate the Classics book in Library
Match the book titles with the book covers.

Music Room - Bongos puzzle - inventory item: music book from Library 
Repeat the sequence of the drum beats that you are given

Kitchen - Jars Puzzle - inventory item: pickle jar in Nursery
Arrange letters to form a word

Dining Room  - Cake puzzle - inventory item: match from Storage Room
Light all the candles on the cake.  Each candle affects itself and other candles it is next to, or touching.  For example:  candle 3 would affect itself (by being lit or unlit), candle 2 and candle 6.  Another example:  candle 2 would affect itself and candle 1, candle 3 and candle 5.
Parlour - Crystal Ball puzzle - inventory item:  beryl stone from Daphne's Bathroom
Select the correct answers to the questions.  9 out 18 must be answered correctly.  Questions will recycle
Billiard Room - Pool puzzle - inventory item:  cue stick from Dominic's Bathroom
Shoot the balls in the pockets in the correct Snooker color order
Attic - Mouse puzzle - inventory item: cheese from Kitchen and trap from Back Porch
Move the mouse horizontally or vertically over the squares to reach the cheese
Nursery - Horse/Carousel Slider puzzle - inventory item: cowboy hat from Living Room
Move the squares to arrange a picture