Zork Nemesis

Record Player Plays Backwards
1.  At the conservatory, get the records from the office
2.  Take them to the record player
3.  There is a hidden switch in the upper left hand corner of the record player
4.  Flip the switch before playing a record, and the record plays backwards
5.  (Note:  not all of what the records play while playing backwards is suitable for younger audiences.)
Photo of Programmers
1.  Type "chloe" w/o quotes anywhere in game
2.  Will transport you to library
3. Open book
4.  Turn first page
5.  Voila - photo of ?programmer?
More Programmers pictures
In the asylum, get the hammer from the box in Sartorius's chambers
Go back down to the first level, then go and click the brain with the hammer exactly ten times
Go back upstairs, go to the Inner chamber, to where you see the hand.  You'll see a picture of one of the programmers.
Surround programmers
Location:  Irondune lab just after riding the tank
1.  This is the room that contains the mold machine.  Find the table that has two books and several jars.  Zoom in
2.  Click on the large grey jar on the top right of the table 11 times to see a 360 view of programmers.  You must double-click to exit the view.  Notice the girl whose (almost) topless picture appears on the calendar in the tank.
The Earth Telescope Egg
1.  Anywhere in the game (after starting) type IDKFA
2.  Look in the Telescope
3.  While you are here, go ahead and get the Earth Element
New Inventory
Type 309newdorma.  You will see a screen with an e-mail address.  Exit from that screen, type the code again and then click on the guy's head.  His head will become your inventory.
Four Skulls Movie
Location: Castle Irondune dungeon
1.  Once in the Irondune dungeon (torture chamber, not the cell block), look along the right-hand wall.  Zoom into the second table from the entry door
2.  On this table is the skull-crushing torture implement, a skull, and what appears to be a twisted piece of metal
3.  Although the cursor does not highlight, click on the piece of metal
4.  You'll see a movie about 'Four Skulls'
5.  This egg is a 'one-off' -- it can't be repeated without restoring a game


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