Wheel Of Time

They Work Hard... They Play Hard...  
When you beat the game the credits will start.  I found it suspicious when they show a loading screen before the credits so I waited.  Near the end they have the Coca Cola company and Mountain Dew on their list for additional thanks.  That's not the egg though.  When everything is done you hear the narrator say "Welcome to the Wheel of Time...DANCE PARTY!" and everyone is dancing.  Occasionally you will hear Elaina say "That's the biggest trollock I've ever seen".
Lincoln Is Pleased  
Go to the " Fortress of the Light - Part Two " level of the game.  Near the end of the level, you must jump down a grate into a fireplace and out into a blacksmith's workshop.  Beyond the workshop is a long room with several wooden partitions, which appear to contain beer barrels.  At the opposite end of the room to the workshop is a raised platform (with an Archer on it)
Below the platform are several iron crates which cannot be destroyed.  You must move these.  The Earth Tremor spell, found earlier in the level, and the Balefire spell, also found earlier in the level, can be used to destroy or push these crates aside.
One of this piles conceals a hole in the floor.  Here you find 5 rabbit-like creatures on the floor, while the wall behind contains a picture of US President Abraham Lincoln.  The text "Thank-you for saving us.  Lincoln is pleased!" will appear on the screen.  In the room is also a Shift spell.  You can use this to walk through one of the walls to an earlier part of the level.


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