Twinsen's Odyssey

Unlimited Clovers from Cow
1.  On Citidel Island (Twinsens homeland) go up the mountain near the school house to find the cow
2.  He should be in a little grassy field surrounded by trees and will be bent over eating grass
3.  Talk to the cow and he will comment on the weather
4.  Go behind him and "sidestep" or "dodge" into his rear end by holding down X (the default) and the forward arrow key
5.  Hold down X and the forward arrow key for as long as you would like, the clovers will continue to pop out with a hilarious boing noise!
6.  This is a sick but funny egg.
King Crab from Mech Warrior Mercenaries
On the desert island, with the race track and the secret agents dressed as cactuses, you will find that in some areas there are mechs that walk around, (near the parking area with the van, for instance) and if you look closely enough, you will see that these mechs are the king crabs from MWM!  I think it's pretty cool, considering the fact that Activision did make both MWM and Twinsen's Odyssey.  You can also find Time Commando in that building with heaps of different rooms where you get a key fragment.  Time Commando is another game that Activision published.
Stanley Opar
Near the end of the game, you will enter a maze at Island CX in which you will encounter many various enemies.  After you defeat the boss at the end, when you are going back go to the room to the far right and two away from the entrance, you should find an enemy with a yellow bodysuit and blue headphones.  This is Stanley Opar, the main character of the game Time Commando.  In that game you must travel through various time stages to delete a virus and get out of a program.  


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