Torin's Passage

Funny Ending and a Special Message

1.  In Chapter 5, enter Lycentia's dwelling by the usual means
2.  When you see Lycentia at her workbench, click the Bagpipes on her
3.  You will get a special message from the producer!
Sailor Moon Egg
1.  This is in Chapter 5.  You don't really have to do anything special to see this--just have a quick eye
2.  Enter Lycentia's dwelling by the usual means
3.  In the first shot of the place, there is a hall with a bunch of green crystals lined up against the walls
4.  The crystal nearest the door on the right side contains Sailor Saturn in civilian clothes (Hotaru)!
1.  Any time during game play press ctrl +p
2.  It will turn psychedelic
In The Crystal Room
In Chapter 5, when Torin is in the crystal room and sees his parents, in the other crystals is Darth Vader and Yoda (from Star Wars) and in the closest crystal on the right is the game's designer and writer Al Lowe.


If you guide Torin up on stage in the theater, sometimes you can hear "Girl In The Tower" song being played for a short time.


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