The Longest Journey

Name of producer on poster

In front of the Mercury theater, click on the poster to the immediate left of the ticket booth.  April will describe it:  "A Welsha Ghost Story", written and directed by Ragnar Tornquist".  Ragnar Tornquist is the producer, writer and designer of the game.
The Book Of Secrets
1.  Start game
2.  After you leave your room for the first time, take a look at the plastic plant in the corner.  Take a leaf
3.  Continue play of game as normal until you are invited by Azabrax, the creature who can see through time
4.  Go to his house and plant the leaf in the garden beside the flowers.  It should reference it as fertile ground.  If it is the correct spot, a plant will grow and you'll get a comment about that book of secrets has opened
5.  Go to the title page and you will find an extra option to look through "the book of secrets".
P.S. if you look at the large plant in the garden there is a reference to Audrey II (feed me seymour)
Trailer For Game
In the common room of the Border House, if you move your cursor to the very back of the horizontal part of the TV stand (the part the TV is physically sitting on), you'll see the cursor turn into a hand indicating an item titled "Hidden button".  Click it and the TV screen will play a trailer for The Longest Journey.  The TV must be on for this egg to work.

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