Tex Murphy:  Pandora Directive

Good Guy Points Screen
1.  At any point in the game (except for during movie scenes and while in movement mode), hit J, K, Y (In that order)
2.  At this screen it will tell you what path you are going down and how many good-guy points you have gotten so far

Secret Room
1.  At the Mayan temple, use the jackknife on the ceiling of the Snake Chamber (1st one)
2.  Use the jackknife on the eye of the man being tortured on the wall 90 degrees to the left of where you entered the temple
3.  Wait while it loads
4. You can click on the faces of the people in the center of the room and they will say something
5.  By looking at the stained glass window, you hear a message, which is "Use the Cash on the Blue Void" backwards
6. Use Tex's cash on the blue void above the heads
7.  To exit the room, move the button which says exit below the window

Pug's Head
When in the morgue, open the first cupboard on the right above the filing cabinet and you'll find Pug's head, a character from Under A Killing Moon.  Also, in Tex's office, if you look at the water cooler, you'll get a funny reference to Pug as well.

Utah Reference
When in Tex's office, on any given day, look at the books on his desk.  One is about Utah caves (or something).  When looked at, Tex says "One of these days, I'll realize my life long dream of spelunking in the Utah desert."  The company which made the game (Access Software) is based in downtown Salt Lake City. 


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