Several Eggs
This game is so full of Easter Eggs
First Egg:
1.  After solving the Stonehenge puzzle in the beginning of the game and having turned the power on in the museum, turn right from the switch
2.  Click twice on the lightbulb
3.  This can also be done at the lightbulb at the end of the corridor, before opening the door.  From the door, turn around and click twice on that lightbulb.
Second Egg:
1.  Go into the Mysteries of the Deep room
2.  Click several times on the Poseidon statue's head.  The amount required to click is random, so just keep at it until he says something
Third Egg:
1.  Solve the Siren/Organ puzzle in the Mysteries of the Deep Room
2.  Enter the hall and begin sliding the stones in the door, but don't solve the puzzle
3.  After sliding the stones for a while, the egg should start.  If not, keep sliding stones
Fourth Egg:
1.  Solve the Siren/Organ puzzle in the Mysteries of the Deep Room
2.  Enter the hall and solve the door puzzle at the end, after completing the third egg
3.  Solve the maze and you should be in the Subterranean World room.  Look at the statue from the side, not head-on
4.  Read the plaque next to it
5.  Now click 5-6 times on the statue's head
Fifth Egg:
1.  Go to the Shaman room
2.  Walk up to drums
3.  Take the mallet from the Shaman statue
4.  Pound on the drums like this:  Ram-Bo-Ram-Bo-Ram-Bo
5.  Now hit the statue on the head with the mallet
Sixth Egg:
1.  Enter the Incredible Inventions room
2.  Open the crate that has the ax (I think that's the right one)
3.  Look inside, then close the crate
4.  Re-open it, and the egg should begin
Seventh Egg:
1.  Enter the Man's Inhumanity To Man room
2.  Find the caged skeleton
3.  In the close-up view, click the pitcher, glass, then the skeleton's hand to get the egg
Eighth Egg:
1. Enter the Man's Inhumanity To Man room
2.  Solve the gallows puzzle
3.  Climb onto the gallows, then down the ladder to where the body is hanging
4.  Turn around.  You should see the man's nipple off to the right
5.  Click it four times to start the egg
Ninth Egg:
1.  First, you must have solved the Page 17 riddle
2.  Go back to the Man's Inhumanity To Man room
3.  Chop off the guy's head at the guillotine
4.  Click on the executioner statue's head twice.
Final Note:
There are also a lot of weird things that happen at random around the museum.  I guess they wouldn't really be considered eggs, so unless you want to find these completely on your own, DON'T READ AHEAD.
1. In the projector room, enter the shelves of movie reels.  Turn around to face the door.  If nothing happens, keep turning around until something creepy happens
2.  The same thing will happen on the spiral staircase leading to the Clock Tower.  Just walk up and down until something happens
3.  When entering the Underground Lake for the very first time, bats may or may not fly out the door
4.  The last random occurrence (that I know of) takes place after crossing the tar pit in the Subterranean World room.  Climb both staircases, and at the top of the second one, SOMETHING might appear.  I don't know what the heck it is, but it scared the crap out of me when I first saw it.


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