Sam And Max Hit The Road

Secret Bernards  
At the three Snuckey restaurants, take a close look at the men working at each one.  They are all Bernard from Day Of The Tentacle (another LucasArts game) in various disguises.
Bullet With A Name

1.  At the very beginning of the game, Sam and Max start out in their office. Exit the office and walk down the hall
2.  Right before you go down the stairs to the street, there is a short cinema where we see bullets fly out of Flint Papers' office (next door to theirs), and a man gets thrown out of the window.  This part is not the secret.
3.  The egg is on the last bullet (the one that flies closest to the screen).  Written on that bullet is the name of our cute  sidekick, Max.  But wait!  The bullet flies by so fast, no one can see anything written on it.
4.  Here's the tricky part.  In order to see it, you must do a print screen
5.  Press the Print-screen button on the keyboard, just as the last bullet is flying across the screen
6.  Paste the contents of your clipboard in a drawing program after quitting the game.  If you did it right, you should see a freeze-frame of the bullet with "Max" written on it
7.  This might take several tries to time it right, so it's good that this egg is right at the beginning of the game
8.  You can also try pressing the space bar to pause the game as the bullet flies by.


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