Riven Egg Codes  

1.  The first click spot is in Gehn's lab on Crater island
2.  Find the desk with a small chest of drawers
3.  Open the top drawer and click the small orange egg (3rd row back, unbroken) ONCE
4.  Go to the Moiety age entrance cave
5.  Enter the Moiety age and get taken to the cell
6.  Click on the bowl on the side ONCE
7.  Go to Jungle island
8.  Lower the sub near the village
9.  Go round the island and get in the sub
10.  Ride to the control room
11.  In the control room, look out the window and click on the image of the sub before you pulled the lever ONCE. It should disappear
12.  Go to Survey island
13.  Make sure you are in the top chamber with the golden elevator in the UP position
14.  Click on the little crest above the door ONCE
15.  Ride the Maglev from Jungle Island to Temple island
16.  Turn to look at the steps to the Maglev
17.  Click on the rocks on the left
18.  Click the letters 'RAWA' ONCE
You have now activated the Riven easter eggs!
NOTE:  You will need to have access to all the islands, and have NOT visited the Moiety age (the one with the giant tree)
High in the Sky
1.  Go to the jungle on Jungle island
2.  Go up to the dome level
3.  Go toward Gehn's throne, when you are at the top of the stairs turn around
4.  Go a click forward
5.  Below the catwalk on your left are three little lights
6. Click the furthest one
If you did it correctly, the background and the dome will vanish, leaving you on a catwalk to nowhere in the sky!
NOTE:  You need to activate the 'Riven Egg Codes' listed here before attempting this egg
Lights On
1.  Enter the temple
2.  You should have 3 lights on your left and right
3.  Click the middle lamp on your left

The temple will be decorated with Christmas lights!
NOTE:  You need to activate the 'Riven Egg Codes' listed here before attempting this egg


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