Bathroom Noise
You might like to try clicking on the seat area of the bathroom chair seven times prior to clicking on the toilet at the first occasion Adrienne uses that facility in any chapter.  The door will be closed in your face as usual, but, instead of a long and uneventful wait outside, you will hear astonishingly detailed toilet using sound effects!  These may include groaning as if indicating constipation, farting, and sounds of defecation and urination!  At the end, Adrienne may be heard to remark, "How odd" or a contented "Ahhhhh"! Naturally, the regular toilet flushing and hand washing noises are still heard at the appropriate points. 
There appear to be several variant results of this one "Easter Egg", so you should try to hear them all by saving a game right before Adrienne is about to use the toilet for the first time in any chapter and keep exiting to the main menu (select "Leave bookmark in prior position") and reloading that unchanged game after you have done the cheat until you are sure you have heard everything.  As a matter of interest, some of the groans are actually those of Harriet from chapter three!  You will undoubtedly find that Sierra has gone to great pains to set up this "egg", so it is the responsibility of all dedicated players of Phantasmagoria to activate it and activate it often!

If you go to the nursery on the third floor in any chapter apart from chapter seven and click on the baby picture four times in succession, its eyes will glow and an evil childish laugh will be heard.  Adrienne does not respond to this phenomenon.

Pictures Of Babes

Pictures of some of the babes from the Sierra game Leisure Suit Larry 6 (such as Shamara and Thunderbird) may be seen in the realtor's office in town.

LSL Music

The music playing in the background of the Nipawomsett General Store was also taken from the Leisure Suit Larry series.

Roberta Williams

At seemingly random occasions, just after Adrienne enters the antiques store in town, Phantasmagoria designer Roberta Williams can be seen walking past outside.  She is alone, has short brown hair, and wears a white cardigan and black pants.

Sierra Mountain

The hole Adrienne creates by removing the library fireplace bricks that block access to the chapel looks suspiciously like the mountain depicted on the Sierra logo.  This would explain why some bricks are split in half for no apparent reason.

Drain Cleaner

Using the drain cleaner on the manacles in the cellar will result in patches of "blood" appearing on Adrienne's head and shoes.  The blood-like speckles will also appear if you click on the drain cleaner while Adrienne is in the pantry and has the light turned on.  In contrast with the cellar situation, there are no changes to Adrienne's head but there is more blood on her shoes.

When Adrienne visits Malcolm, look in the mailbox.  There's a letter addressed to "Malcolm Wyrmshadow", and that's not too interesting...but look in the upper corner!  Who sent the letter, if not R.Williams, referring to Roberta Williams, the creator of the game.

A strange picture may be seen in chapter three during the conversation with Malcolm.  Many framed photographs have been placed on top of the shelves by the fireplace to the right of the screen.  One of these "photographs" is actually a green and black image of the popular stereotype of a space alien.


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