Myst III:  Exile

Exile Eggs
1.  Hold the ~ key and click the picture of Katran and Yeesha on Atrus' desk in Tomahana.  It reveals the actors that play in the game.
2.  After Saavedro does his "Atrus is that you? not yet old friend" speech, zoom out from the window, hold the ~ key, and zoom in.  You may need to do this a few times for it to work.  It shows Brad Dourif checking his watch.
3.  On Edana, take the JumpingDragon down to the lower "onion" level and look on the side of the steps leading to the Dragon.  There is a moth.  Hold ~ and click it.  It reveals the cats that one of the texture people sneak into all Presto games.
4.  When Saavedro steals the book and locks himself in the main horn, go up to the door he locked and zoom in on it's windows with the ~ key held.  It shows Bard Dourif having a headache or something.
5.  The PEZ machine, make sure you click to the bottom left of the hammock, and you are on the Elevator side of it.
Another Egg
1.  Start a new game and go into Atrus's study
2.  Click on everything in the room that looks similar to a pepper shaker.  You must do this or the egg won't work
3.  Link to J'nanin
4.  Use the light reflectors and reflect the light over to the green and red reflectors
5.  Go over across the island to the green and red reflectors.  Turn the green reflector so the light reflects to the red one.  Go up the stone steps to the red reflector.  Stay here, and don't move forward yet.
6.  The red reflector reflects the light in two different directions.  Over to the yellow reflector, and onto a a big rock that's right in front of it (you should be facing this rock right now).
7.  Reflect the light onto the rock.  Hold down the tilde key (~) and click forward once (toward the rock)
8.  If you did all of the steps correctly, you will see a projection of the face of a cat named Pepper.  He belongs to one of the programmers.  

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