Monkey Island 4

Play Pong with Murray
On Jambalaya Island, walk up to Murray at Planet Threepwood.  Keep trying to pick him up until he begins repeating himself.  Then rotate Guybrush so that he is not looking at anything in particular.
  Type 'murrayball' and you will play Pong with Murray's head.  Use your Up and Down arrow keys to control your banana.
The Abomination
1.  On Lucre Island, go to House of Prosthesis
2.  Talk to Dead-Eye Dave until you can get prosthesis from him
3.  Put in all combinations except the one on the manhole.  These should include a heart,  stomach,  butt,  head,  foot,  and guts - there might be a liver, too
4.  Put them all together
5.  When they're all put together, take them out
6.  Use it

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