Monkey Island 3

See Max at Speare

Once you have the map from LeChimp's cabin on the ship, go upstairs to the theatre to the lights.

Pull the handle and press the following buttons on the panel, as you would normally when trying to find Elaine.   SE, NW, W, S, E, NE.   On the back wall of the theatre, you should see Max's head.
Under Water Antics

Make your way to Blood Island.  There are two beaches on this island.  The first beach is where you awaken and see Haggis.  The other beach is to the west of this first beach and is (to the left) near the lighthouse.  This is the beach where you will need to USE the water.  Simply walk to this beach, move your mouse over the water (NOT the "Flying Welshman"), and continually hit "U" on the keyboard.  This should simulate USING the water, and this needs to be done around 20 times.  Certain machines warrant 25 or more pushes.
The 'Egg' results in Guybrush reliving a memory of Monkey Island 1 where you can die after Shinetop pushes you into the water with the idol.
Grim Fandango Ad
1.  Make sure you've got the reservation for the chicken parlor. (Blondebeards café)
2.  Once in the cafe, push the quiet patron.
  Hey! It's Manny Calavera from Grim Fandango
3.  Look at the button he dropped
4.  "Talk" to Manny.  Enjoy!
Book Titles
1.  Get into the Goodsoup tomb
2.  Go to the "crack" (not crumbling hole, mind you)
3.  Look in the crack.  You will (hopefully) be looking in on the gravedigger's quarters
4.  In the foreground, there are two books
5.  Look at the titles (They are names of classic Lucasarts titles)

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