Monkey Island 1

The Only Way to Kill Guybrush
1.  Get thrown in the water by the sheriff once you steal the Idol
2.  Once underwater, wait for about 9 minutes
3.  Guybrush will start to change colors
4.  Wait for another 5 minutes
5.  Guybrush will start to expand like a fish
6.  You will now have a different selection of commands to use, but you will be dead
Bow Down Before the Sam & Max Idol
1.  Get to the actual Monkey Island
2.  Solve the puzzle of how to get past the fence that leads to the giant monkey head
3.  Surrounding the head are many small idols
4.  Look more closely at them, one of them is an image of Steve Purcell's characters Sam & Max.  Max (the hyperkinetic rabbity-thing) is sitting on Sam's (the Canine Shamus) shoulders.
Easy Win
At any point, you can hold down the CTL and W key.  You'll be asked if you want to win the game.  If you press 'Y', you'll find that you got 800 points out of 800.  The credits roll.  Then you get instructions to go to bed, repeatedly. Pretty funny!

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