Leisure Suit Larry 7

Dream French
1.  Go to the ballroom (for the first time)
2.  Click on Larry
3.  Select other
4.  Type "dream"

A Bunch of Eggs

Egg 1:  At the pool with Drew, click the pesky branch, do other and type push
Egg 2:  After the Juggs special performance, go on stage, click the mixer and type feel.  When you talk to Drew about Faukker, you can hear her tell you to look in her eyes and you keep going.
Egg 3:  After Vicki's transformation (before talking about the weather) hold ctrl and click on the man taking a shower on her computer screen.  Then when you talk about the weather, you can see her chest at the end
Egg 4:  Before the Jugg's performance, click on the beaver in Vicky's library and type milk, go to the dressing room
Egg 5:  Use orgasmic powder on Drew's drink then click other drink when you walk to your room, Larry won't block the view
Egg 6:  after killing the old man, go back to Annette's room and click the third statue on the left, uh well his uh package, and type unzip, ring the doorbell and watch Annette go
Last Egg:  if you get all the points, all the dildos and all the other 6 eggs at the end seen, watch the whole thing
This isn't a egg, but click Peggy's chest, type choose look and listen to the narrator and Al Lowe.
Also, if you want the game a little harder, make a file named get_hard.txt in the lsl7 directory.  It can be a blank file but Larry will catch it and you have to type some questions or they won't come up.

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