Leisure Suit Larry 5

(Bodily) Function Keys

1.  Start LSL5
2.  Press the following function keys (the ones at the top of your keyboard) to hear sounds of bodily functions:  Flatulence, vomiting, etc.
  F1, F3, F4, F6, F8, F9, and F10
NOTE:  The function keys not listed above do something in the game (save game, turn off sound, etc.) so do not press them
Take a leak behind a tree (for a point)
1.  Start LSL5
2.  Get to the Hard Disk Cafe in New York
3.  When you are outside the cafe, walk behind the tree on the right
4.  Larry will relieve himself behind the tree and you will get a point.
  It may help If you use the keyboard to get behind the tree
Chi's assets
After obtaining and wearing the doily in the dentist's office, knock on the receptionist's window to gain access to the next room.  After Chi Chi arrives, use the eye to get a closer look at her.  If you use the hand to click on the button of her blouse, after 7 attempts or so, her blouse opens to reveal a special surprise.  You can only do this before giving her a green card.


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