King's Quest VIII:  Mask Of Eternity

1.  In the Frozen Reaches, go to the outside of Queen Freesa's castle and click on the guard with your weapons cursor.  Then click all of the guards in the throne room, going counter-clockwise from the entrance.  Next face queen Freesa and turn to the left wall.  Click the block on the wall that is down three and over seven.  You'll see Waldo, and then Freesa and Connor will have a funny but x-rated conversation.

2.  Drink as much as you possibly can from a well.

3.  Open the door of the outhouse in Daventry. 

4.  In the Dimension of Death you must hit a block with the hammer and something funny happens (Unfortunately, I don't know which block)

5.  In Daventry, get the Potion Reveal, and head to the trees between Sarah's and Conner's house.  Drink the potion and take a look at the tree on the left. Click on the red apple.

6.  In the Dimension of Death, click on the tall box just east of the dead warrior in the entrance area 25 times .

7.  Click the ice sceptor from the ice realm on the sylph three times to hear something funny.  Click up to four more times to hear four other funny sounds. 

8.  In the Frosty Mountains, Connor must talk to each snow nymph one time only and he must have his hand weapon drawn.  He'll put it away after each conversation, but you'll have to keep drawing it after each one. Talk first with the nymph in the front of the hall, then the one on the right, then the one on the left.  After you've done that, click on the left wall on the square that is "down creation, over completion" or down 3 over 7 from the front wall.  Click on that three times.

9.  To make these eggs work, type any of these words while in Daventry:  "oscar", "ruth", "welch-piel", and "rocket".


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