King's Quest VII:  The Princeless Bride

Eggs from SierraPlanet:

n chapter 2 as Rosella, click on the stove in the kitchen.  Rosella will comment that it is large enough to cook a moose in there.  In fact, they probably are, and you will hear a moose making noises from inside the oven!
2.  In chapter 3 as Valanice, look at the strange glasses on display in the Faux Shop in Falderal.
There are 2 glasses that the Two Guys from Andromeda wear in Sierra's Space Quest games.
4.  In chapter 4 as Rosella, if you talk to the psychotic mouse underneath the glass in Dr. Cadaver's house, the rat will quote something from the movie "Silence of the Lambs."
In chapter 4 as Rosella, once she wears the black cloak, wait a while for the Boogeyman to appear.  He will mistake Rosella for the Wailing Black Cloaked Woman Lady Tsepish, and have a strange conversation!
6.  In chapter 4 as Rosella, once she wears the black cloak, go to the ghoul kids and their pumpkin tree house. See their reaction to her!
7.  The name Erzats in French, Latin, or some other language means "false" or "fake."  That would imply that Erzats the Faux Shop owner (the turtle), is in fact false himself! -- Juliette (6-24-1999)
8.  In chapter 6, if Rosella zaps the real troll king, he shrinks down into a little bug and cries, "No, stop!  In the name of Gregor Samson, no!"  Gregor Samson is of course the character who has woken up to discover he is a beetle in Franz Kafka's story called Metamorphosis. -- Pete (1-14-2000)
9.  If you notice closely, King Graham is listed in the credits as being voiced by Denny Delk.  If that seems odd to you, then you are not alone.  King Graham was never in the seen or heard game itself.  Akril, however, has made an incredible discovery.  She found the audio clip of King Graham speaking that was never included in the actual game, but still remains on the game CD itself. With the help of Dr. Hugh, an exclusive wave audio file of the mysterious King Graham can be heard only here at Sierra Planet!!

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