King's Quest V:  Absence Makes The Heart Go Yonder

Easter Egg Easter Egg
Right after you go down the hill on the sled, chasing after your owl friend, you fly really high, and then crash.  After your sled breaks, you can take off your cape and put it over the broken sled.  When this is done, he removes the cape, and under it are a bunch of easter eggs..... 
Sea Creatures In Snowy Mountains
After Cedric is taken by wolves in the snowy mountains and you take a sled and ride/crash down the hill, select your cape from your inventory and click it on the wrecked sled pile.  In this particular version, Graham will suddenly move across the screen in a boat and get gobbled up by a vicious sea creature which can be found later in the game.  A personal dedication is left by the creator after the sequence.


1.  Touch Dirk the monster while in the maze.


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