The Journeyman Project 3:  Legacy of Time

Get the Cornbread

This is the most hidden easter egg in the game.

1.  To perform this egg, you need the talisman, or to have already drained the Arrowhead Pool.

2.  Go to the drained Arrowhead Pool.  If it is not drained, put the talisman in the talisman-shaped indent to drain the pool.  Walk down into the pool, and push in all of the Parrot-Heads.  You should hear a strange sound.  Walk back up and go to the stables (the building with the two alcoves that have skins on the ground) and go to the second alcove.  The cornbread should be lying on the skin.

3.  You can use the cornbread to gain access to the temple in Atlantis that you need the medallion gain access to.

Cartoon Animation
1.  In Shangri-La, change your chameleon suit to the pilgrim.  Go to Gengis Khan's tent from outside.  Talk to him until he punches you.  If you get him to punch you about 3 more times, he'll yell, murmur a bit, then punches you again, extra hard, resulting a cartoon animation.
Altar in El Dorado
Go to the altar in El Dorado and drag a coin from Atlantis onto it.  Watch the fun!


Many times in the game, you can hold ''e'' and click to get secret stuff.  Here are a few:

1.  In Shangri-la, one screen away from the pilgrim, hold the ''e'' key and click towards the pilgrim
2.  When you are there, look to your left, on the white ornament, there is a mountain dew can
1.  In the beginning, hold ''e'' and click on the suit's faceplate.  There should be a vulcan!
1.  In El Dorado, revisit the central temple after you've been decked down the shaft by Khan in Shangri-La
2.  Hold down ''e'' when you click the ventilation shaft's little zoom magnifier and you'll get a journey through the center of the earth
1.  Also in Eldorado, hold down ''e'' as you're walking toward the shaman's house, the image on the side of the balloon will change from a warrior to a cat.
1.  When you are looking around ruined Atlantis, go to the windmill.  Agent 3's suit will appear in front of you.  Hold down the "e" key and click on the suit.  A strange alien will appear, complete with music.


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