Goosebumps:  Escape From Horrorland

2-in-1 Easter Egg
1.  Once you've started the game, go to the stocks where Lizzy, Clay and Luke are
2.  Then, hit CTRL
3.  Now, go to Horrorland Plaza
4.  As you walk through the woods, if you look carefully, you'll see a brain in a tree on the right!
5.  When you're there, go to the dustbin just outside the shop
6.  Pick up the hammer
7.  Now go back to Wherewolf village, and go to where the worm is
8.  Take out the hammer and start hitting the worm...
9.  You'll get a bonus game!
10. Enjoy!
Battletank Game
1.  Find the ATM machine somewhere in the city on the second CD
2.  Enter 1313 as the PIN - it will turn into a Battletank arcade game.


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