Gabriel Knight:  Sins Of The Fathers

Bulletin Board  

One of the things Gabriel has to do is attend a lecture and chat with a character at Tulane University.  In the lecture hall, there's a bulletin board.  Look at it a couple of times, and you get the following:  "There's a notice for a lecture on Investigative Reporting techniques to be given by octogenarian Pulitzer Prize winner Laura Bow Dorian."

Gabriel Loses His Cool

Wait until the mime starts following you in Jackson Square.  When he starts to follow you, talk (chat) to him.  You'll tell him to 'stop following' you or something. Do this about 20 times, and watch Gabriel lose his cool and smack him one!

Gabriel Confesses

The right confessional is, of course, the secret entrance to the voodoo cartel. The left one, however, is a real confessional.  Operate the stand and Gabe will confess some of his sins, which include just how many women he's slept with, and how he feels about not paying Grace.  Gabriel also confesses about how he treats Mosely bad and that he's had impure thoughts about a woman he met...

Homage To Bill Murray

If you go and talk to Madame Cazaunoux before dressing as the priest one of your speaking options is to say "Landshark!" and Madame Cazaunoux will say that you are no Bill Murray. (It pays homage to the old Saturday Night Live skit staring Bill Murray).

Vehicle Mishap

At the start of "Day 8" when you leave Schloss Ritter in the car, hold down the space bar as soon as this scene appears.  The vehicle will have an unfortunate "mishap".  By the way, make sure you save your game before you do this, as this particular easter egg will cause the game to end prematurely.

Roving Hand

One of the many charms of GK1 is the incredible richness of the environment that the game creates.  How many games can ellicit a response when roving the pickup icon over somebody's derrier?

Wishing Stump

If Gabriel operates the wishing stump in the museum more than three times, you start to hear some pretty lewd comments about Grace, Malia and "rubbing".


If Rosella said hello to the mockingbird in Falderal in King's Quest 7, he might rudely say, "Hello, dragon breath!"  Now in Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, in St. George's Bookshop, Gabriel picks up a German-English dictionary and says, "Drachen' means dragons.  I wonder if Mosely would know he was being insulted if I called him drachen breath!"  Interesting coincidence!


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