Daedalus Encounter

Hidden Video Clip
1.  Exit the game and open Windows Explorer/File Manager
2.  Go to your CD-ROM drive and locate the file db_02.mov (db_02.avi in the Windows 95 version) and open it
3.  Move the slider bar about 80% of the way to the right and play towards the end of the movie
Hidden note

At the beginning of the game you are asked to scan and then enter a derelict Vakkar freighter.  After you switch on you floodlight inside the ship and are faced with a dead alien you are then given the opportunity to 'take a look around'.  Look down toward the dead alien and move your mouse pointer over the alien corpse and the pointer will change to an 'approach' icon...left click and the camera will move toward the alien and pan around the body to show you a note pinned to the aliens back which shows that the alien wasn't too popular when it was alive.

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