Broken Sword 2:  The Smoking Mirror

Secret Exit
1.  In the London underground, attempt to give your chocolate bar to the ghost.  Select the chocolate and click on the ghost when it appears.  The ghost will disappear before you can give it to her and it will seem as if nothing has happened.  Move the pointer to the left of the screen down the tunnel and the pointer will turn into a hand with the word 'Exit' underneath.  
2.  Click to go through the exit
to see a cool Beneath A Steel Sky / Broken Sword animation.
3.  Watch the movie.
Talking Goat
Try giving the coal to the goat in Quaramante City.  He talks.  Apparently he likes chocolate.
Alternative Pyramid Puzzle Solution
1.  When Nico is in the room inside the pyramid - the one containing the machine with two big turning wheels covered in symbols - look at the wall above the set of ten tiles.  There is a carving of a dragon.  Halfway along its back is a symbol that looks like three spheres clustered together with three ribbons.  Move the cursor over the middle sphere and find the point where the cursor changes to a cross.
2.  Click on that point and Nico will come up with a much easier solution to the puzzle!


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